Can someone explain the loot system in this game?

I’ve run combat sites, emerging conduits, and missions solo. I understand how loyalty points work. Got it. I’ve yet to experience an escalation and haven’t spent much time exploring data and relic sites.

What I don’t understand is how does loot work in this game? Are combat sites supposed to drop a blueprint or item that is vaulable? How do I know if its valuable?

Even a link to a guide to make sense of this would be great. I need a reason to do things in Eve for a shiny object and am having trouble finding it.

Only way to tell how much you can is take lot to the Forge or Domain regions and do price check.

Doing check in local only show what the current region estimated prices are.

Most Factional and Deadspace items give good isk, as does salvage.

Sometimes the sub-T2 item will to, but its depending on who wants it and how much they’ll pay for it.

If you have good reprocessing skills the junk can be turned into materials.

Here’s an overview of combat sites:

You can also search that site for the specific name of what you have. Generally in each site, there will be some structures or a specific ship that has something other than standard loot. But, sometimes, there is only a “chance” of getting something unique. Check the site listing.

To see the value of that item, just look it up on EVE Marketer:


Thanks. I’m going to give more combat sites a go. My only problem is highsec tends not to have a lot of them that others haven’t run yet and lowsec ends up becoming a game of “probe scanning without getting ganked.”

I’m looking for PvE progression but maybe Eve isn’t that kind of game.

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Eve has some decent PvE progression, but it’s only “okay”. There are other games that do it better though. While some people enjoy the PvE for it’s own enjoyment- most people treat it as a means to earn isk. The nice thing about Eve is, there’s so many things you can do outside of PvE- so if you ever need a break- you can always try something else.

Fit a cloak and scan from a safe spot and you won’t get ganked. Save any interesting sites you find, then return to them when local looks more friendly. Putting such a delay between your scanning and the running of sites also throws potential hunters of your trail. If they see probes they’ll know to look in signatures, but if you return an hour later they’ll have no clue whether you’re running a scannable site, an escalation, or are bouncing belts.

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PVE content in Eve, excepting the Triglavian content, is old. Currently CCP is focusing on group activities - you can make a lot of ISK running the invasion content but the conduits are designed for fleets - not solo.

The corp I joined as a new player held a weekly mission running event for new players. Experienced players would run level 4 missions in battleships while we orbited in our frigates, shooting whatever came close enough, and collected an equal share of the bounties and loot. By new player standards it was a lot of ISK! Not to mention a chance to experience the Angel Extravaganza bonus room when a month old and live to tell about it!

Abyssal sites offer short session solo activity and can be quite profitable but likely a bit too challenging for a week old character. Abyssal materials will be required to build the new dreadnaught so the sites should become even more rewarding.

Thanks Do Little.

I’m assuming building the new dreadnaught requires significant investment only a corp can do?

No. Individuals can and do build capital ships. They are built using capital components that are built from minerals. You can build freighters and jump freighters in highsec but combat capitals are restricted to other regions of space. I haven’t seen the blueprint for the Zirnitra but it’s believed to require Zero-Point Condensate and Crystalline Isogen-10 which are Abyssal materials.

My point was that people who have the skills and facilities to build these ships will need to purchase the materials, which should significantly increase in value next week since the harvest is a byproduct of PVE activity and capital ships typically need a lot of material!

Thanks. I will look more into this. I guess I need to see what sells on the market and what drops it then go hunt for that.

If you avoid obvious areas and put in the time to learn what the good systems are you’ll find enough sites.

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