Fleet/Meeting Ping App?

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Hey everyone,

I’m looking for an android/iphone app that will allow a corp leadership to ping it’s users about fleets, timers, and meetings. EVEPing seems to be gone. Any options?

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(Brock Khans) #3

https://slack.com/ is popular as well, comes with a free option. But once you get enough people generating enough chatter, you start losing the ability to see the history until you go to paid.

(Raven Rotsuda) #4

The issue I have with both Discord & Slack is that there is so much chat that people tend to take it from their phones. Therefore when an announcement goes out, they don’t get it.

(Brock Khans) #5

That will be true with any chat/email/notification service. People can allow/silent/block what they choose. I don’t think you can solve a user from blocking or silenting the notifications from what ever service you use. And IF you did find a way, I’m guessing your users would quickly just remove it all together as I don’t want to be awoken or bugged when I’m sleeping, work etc where I can’t play the game.

(Blacksmoke16) #6

The way most ppl handle it is have a channel called Announcements that only directors/ceo or whatever can type in. Then @everyone that channel when you have something impt. That way ppl can silent just normal social channels and still get pings for the impt stuff.

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