Fleet missions

I think it would be fun to have Fleet Missions you could only do as a fleet. The agent would assign them and the fleet members there at the start would have to be in the fleet to do the different objectives.

These missions would be like having to blow up two sensor dishes in two different rooms within 60 seconds of each other ,or maybe have one member have to hack a series of acceleration gates from a central hub while another flys the cargo through them. Lots of variation you could do on those simple dual timer/trigger type fleet missions for teams of 2s and 3s to do these and if they were alpha friendly they would learn people how to coordinate themselves.

You could even teach some skills like have a mission where one player has to keep a special shield rep device on another and fight rats while the other hacks a site. Or some player has to lead a wing and maintain a prototype radiation protection module to the others on grid.

You could use the same mission engine to add some variety to high end missions as well but most of that content is already there anyway so I would focus on low level small groups. Low skill requirements and disposable equipment so that keeps the missions simple and accessible. Get people forming up and playing with each other a bit more. You would likely have to add in some safety mechanics for

one more: a mission where one player has to fly a corvette into a site and then steal a prototype ship while the another hacks the gate (possibly an optional hacker disabling the gun tower) and the others intercept the local security team at the exit letting this slowboat escape.


hmmm interesting idea, +1 for me, i like the idea of fleet missions rather than missions you need multiple heart beats for, level 5 security missions are designed for like 3-5 people to go and grind, but i think that the reward doesn’t justify the risk.

however specific fleet missions, could be useful, especially if they require multiple participants, i can see the old “ready up” system becoming a factor in this, more perhaps of a “fleet training story line missions” similar to SOE or world arks ( I might be thinking of escalations, i’,m not sure off the top of my head) which have progressions to them, this one teachings you tackle, this one, logi, this one DPS, this one how to build a counter fit. being able to have a specific agent to run through this style of game play on a basic level would be great for prospecting FC’s,

this way when you encounter an enemy you understand more of the game environment rather than look up online the counter fit for the ship for the mission, it would help give you that aspect of learning through play, the more you play, the more player experience you get AND the more rewarding it can be.

10,000,000% am for the concept.


given CCP is working with communities where English is not their first language, if these missions could be done i a variety of languages and perhaps some minor tweeks or graphica updates to the fleet window / system this could really help people from multiple languages co-ordinate better, this way instead of people having to wait for translators in comms and possibly miss ques or such things to direct peoples focus through the fleet window with a standard level of understanding could be massive for fleet battles.

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Ya the idea is to scale up on the ‘coordination’ axis not on the ‘site difficulty’ axis. Using fleet mechanics and coms as part of the mission. Obviously missions with multiple participants are harder to manage and will have issues with people dropping out or generally messing with other participants but that is part of the learning curve with fleets anyway. I think these missions should lock in the starting participants as completion condition and require some collateral as incentive to finish them. No man left behind sort of thing.

i think having some fleet missions would be good, especially if it was some how rolled into FW, this would mean people could get fleet fight experience in PVE and then expand into PVP, creating a scalable effect of experience in the game.

i think training people for roles then giving very minor combat trials to help people practice, combat where you have set ship requirements and the enemies will take you down to like 80% health, but then experience some kind of nerf, allowing the flow of combat to occur and people to do and practice their jobs.

combine this with my suggestion for having an EVE Online Battle language see Universal Translation) and instruct people who do this to use the “battle language” it could also massively increase fleet participation from groups who speak different languages as they all then have a singular linguistical reference point.

COULD be some kind of overlap there. Could also change things up politically speaking if groups can move around and join different corps and alliances and function within a fleet.

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