Fleet = Party agent missions?

good comrades of flights and combat, my mame is Snowlight and I don’t understand. Question is this, in online games you generally have the ability to join in party with your friends and perform missions together, when we do this to all the members of the party they appear the data and the objectives of the missions, but in eve online it seems to me that no, I took a mission being the leader of a fleet and then I jump through the space doing it together with the armed support of my comrades and at the time of finishing the mission, I share the desired result all my comrades, but they do not know what mission I am doing or the objectives of it, in the case of missions of career agents, I do the missions together with my friends, but when they kill the objectives the missions are bugged and does not allow the designated agent to complete the mission, is this how it works or am I doing something wrong? thank you very much for taking care of my doubt that they have excellent day

There’s no way to share missions with friends in that fashion.

You can fleet up with them, and there’s an offer to split rewards when you hand in, but only the person who takes the mission can see it, or hand it in. (Their fleetmates can warp to them, and can shoot the enemy.)

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When your friends kill the objective of the mission, it should complete it for the person who accepted the mission.

If two people have the same missions, you must go to both places for each person in order to complete both missions. Completing one place does not complete the mission for both of you, even if it is the same mission, because it is a different person and different instance.

Each player receives their own mission. You cannot complete another persons mission and expect your own to be completed as well.

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thank you very much comrades the truth is that if they solved my doubt, tomorrow afternoon I try it, then if I can fly with my friends, one more question, if I jump several times when my comrades want to get together again with me a message appears on the screen that I am not in that star system, the question is, what is the easiest way for my companions to follow me without getting lost? thank you very much that solving this doubt takes a burden off me this game has too many options for my old habits and my brain almost does not give much more complicated I think I have become accustomed to solve everything in the easy way and I have acquired bad habits, sorry for bothering them and wasting their time :nerd_face:

In the EVE map you can search for your fleet mates.
But normally, you manage your fleet travelling via coms like Discord or TeamSpeak. You can fleet warp, but you cannot fleet jump.

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The others have given good information here so far. This will not solve the issue, but you can share this link with your fleet:


This lists all of the missions, so if you tell them what mission you are running, they will at least be able to read the details of what you are doing and should be prepared to fight.

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thank you very much this has been very useful and I hope that other players will also be useful for those who like the pve until I get tired of everything ecfbe7d0702d731bcae85acb8ea201dc

Just to add. Missions are designed as solo content, though you can share like mentioned. There is also dedicated fleet/group content like Incursions, and the soon to be coming fleet Abyss instances (3 people in frigs max). But those are a lot harder and will kill you if you are not perfectly prepared and a good team (voice comms mandatory).

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perfect, in this case I will try to perfect myself as a worthy commander of a good group of friends

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