Fleet questions

A couple of fleet questions:

  1. Is there any way to see if a player is in a fleet?
  2. If they are in a fleet, any way to see who else is in the fleet with them?
  3. If someone is in a hisec fleet and they attack you, are the other members of their fleet OK to be attacked as well even if they individually haven’t fired at you w/o Concord response too?


  1. and 2. I supposed that is not what you are looking for but yes, you need to be in the same fleet.
  2. Not for just being in the same fleet.

more info about combat/legality flags:

Thanks. Not exactly the answers I was looking for but a good description anyway.

For #3 I would have thought YES because in a fleet an attack on one is an attack on all so the opposite should apply (ie. An attack by one member of a fleet is an attack my all members of the, IOW “guilt by association”).

As far as I know, you can’t tell if someone is in a fleet unless you’re in the same fleet. As for a player in a fleet firing on you, it doesn’t justify flagging their entire fleet, since the fleet may disapprove of the actions of a single member.

I was recently in a mining fleet with my alliance, and a member of our alliance joined us on grid, but refused to join our fleet. The FC commented there was no way to tell he was not a spy, potentially fleeted up with enemies laying in wait to attack us.

There have been many times when our mining fleets have come under fire, but only those who engage targets (or are themselves engaged) are flagged. Those of us in slower ships who needed to dock and switch to combat ships could do so without combat log-off timers.

CONCORD recognizes the rash actions of a rogue are not inherently representative of a fleet, but I still wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a rogue when they get graped.

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Used to be that way (like a decade ago). Guess what was the first change CP made when decided they want people to actually use fleets.

Do you realize there is no way to tell the FC is not a spy? Just saying…

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Try and invite them to your fleet and see what happens.

Plus you can be in a fleet and be on opposite sides of New Eden. So if you are causing a ruckus in Stain and get targeted by many individuals, if your fleetmate Is in hisec grinding missions or mining, how fair would it be for the consequences be put on hisec dude?

This is what makes USIA so popular is the fact if we incur negative standings or anything negative, while running missions with a client in fleet, they get none of the negative standing losses

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Ok, ok. Not fair.

… can’t say wouldn’t be fun tho.

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