Fleetr - Who's hot, and who's not, in New Eden

(Manic Velocity) #1


What started out as a fun conversation during an EVE stream has grown into a fully functional web app. Fleetr offers a “Hot or Not” voting system for capsuleer portraits. To add your character(s) and to start voting, follow these steps:

  1. Log in through the EVE SSO by clicking the login button in the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Select the character you would like to add to the database
  3. You will then be presented with a pair of EVE portraits. Simply click on the one you think is the hottest. The character names and their ranks will then be displayed, before “warping” off to present you with a new set of portraits.
  4. To add another of your characters to the mix, simply log out and log back in to select another character on your account.

Rankings follow the Elo rating system popularized by chess. Portraits are selected semi-randomly for voting. Newer portraits and those with lower rankings may appear more often to allow them a chance to “catch up” in ranking.

Fleetr is under active development. Requested features that are in the works include:

  • Leaderboards - Showing the best and worst ranking pilots.
  • Profile Page - To better monitor your own rankings, because you are a horrible narcissist (currently your rank is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen after loggin in)

We hope you enjoy Fleetr as a healthy alternative to ship spinning, or to pass the time during church services.

(Maruchan Ramen) #2

Beauty and the Instant Noodle Feast

(Aedaxus) #3

Nice, just how Zuckerberg started out, can we get a Spacebook soon?

(Lulu Lunette) #4

Horrible narcissist checking in :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to the upcoming features :smiley:

(Rain6637) #5

interesting. do you think it might be uneven comparing male and femme avs

(Maruchan Ramen) #6

If women could wear beards they’d dominate the Fleetr meta.

(Rain6637) #7

many have a beard of sorts