Flight Briefing Rooms for corps

Flight Briefing Room for corporations!
(using the old captain’s quarters software that got taken out)
Anywhere a corp has an office they can hold a flight briefing.
Player models sit in briefing chairs or stand in a podium position to left or right of a virtual screen with 2 modes:
- a simple ingame interface with some preset graphics
- the option to access a ppt from outside the game
Movement is limited to:
- choosing a seat or podium from a panel outside the briefing room
- leaving
- gestures
- moving from a podium position to a seat and back

- increased player interraction
- improve quality of leadership that can be given TO new players (explaining things in crayon is just simply the best way)
- a great step towards the important goal of helping people identify with their character, which keeps subscriptions high.
- all the major work has already been done. Character models on rails, simple gestures, virtual screens, interactive wall panels; all done in the captain’s quarters.

Whaddaya think?
Odin Stuntman

Using an outdated “software” that was too expensive to upkeep… you want to use that for an even more niche purpose that will just be ignored?

This is EVE, not ‘Boring Presentation Simulator’…

We’re clearly playing two different games.

Eve comes complete with slack groups, meetings that should have been emails, spread sheets and charts.

Hell iv been in alliances that ran better with the above tools than several businesses I’ve worked for.

Yes exactly - i use teams, but new players need a leg up - and if you spend any time hanging with newbros, they really haven’t got a clue what is possible with the game. They rely heavily on in-game provision (notepad instead of excel etc) - The ENTIRE point of the suggestion, which you and others appear to have missed in your heady rush to prove your blinding competence in the game, is to help newbros get better. I have a lot of experience training newbros, it’s sort of my thing, and when i can, i use .ppt

Please remember, that EVE isn’t real, it’s a game. It must sell or it dies; and then so do you.

Then add ppt to the game no need to go through the effort of a board room in a space game, though having taught several hundred newbros over the last decade I can say with confidence ppt was never once a necessity.

And to finish “think of the newbro” is as disingenuous as “think of the children” if whatever you’re arguing relies on it then it’s probably weak to begin with.

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