Flipping a Sulley Raid

Every one has heard of Sulley, the non-existent member of Detached Navka, who recently racked up an impressive 4 trillion loot grab as a result of taking down inactive Citadels.

If you haven’t heard of the exploits, you can read about it here.

Flipping the Sulley Raid

This is an alliance sized operation as the operation will obviously draw hundreds if not thousands to the system.

  1. First track the recent Citadel kills of Detached Navka using ZKillboard. I’ll make it easy for ya.

Detached Navka is currently operating in Lonetrek and conducted a raid yesterday, they will be raiding today.

  1. Deposit an amount of cargo in all stations that you are not able to dock with, if you are still able to. If not simply add the entire Detached Navka corporation to your Contacts List and watch the system they are in light up like the eyes of a Silver Hawk.

Your cargo drop will allow you to be informed about the Sulley Raid and where it is taking place.

But Sulley is smart: Back in 2018 CCP added a feature where players could deposit cargo inside of a Citadel without actually docking at the station. Sulley didn’t have authorization to dock at any of his target Citadels, but this feature allowed him to place an item inside each one so that when the station was at risk of entering the new abandoned state, he, along with the corporation that owned it, would receive an in-game email warning him. Though that email was meant to help defenders, Sulley exploited it to learn the rough timing of when each station would become vulnerable to destruction and pillaging.

  1. When you have determined where Sulley is raiding, get your anti-raider ships ready for the PvP fight. Their favorite ship seems to be the Ikitursa, so build your PvP around countering it. At least 20 combat ships + Cargo Hauler will be needed.

  2. When the Citadel pops, send in the fleet and use cargo scanners on the cans, if possible, to determine the content of each can. Look for the most valuable loot in the can as well as total amount of loot in each can. The loot in each can will have to amount to the total number of combat ships in you fleet.

  3. Bring the haulers in and then start looting with your combat ships which will make your fleet go suspect and able to be attacked. Once suspect start off loading the looted cargo to the haulers who should still be free from attack other than ganking.

  4. From what I have been reading is that these abandoned Citadels have massive amounts of wealth stored in them, maybe from Bot Accounts long inactive or Bots that are on their ‘down cycle’ of Bot grinding.

  5. Sorry James315, you really aren’t that fashionable any longer.




From the X Files.


so funny… alliance sized op… was at most at any one time 12… 7 had a full shares on the large drop and a few of us had pitty shares for helping on other ops… we are not out anymore attacking structures as we are all spending our isk… you sir is SALTY hmm hmm

And what a payday we had :slight_smile:

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Seems to me it’s time to ‘flip’ that alliance.

Nice try

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The interesting thing is that you don’t know all of my tactics. I have been making alts and doing this for a few years. This is my fourth iteration of a high-sec multi-boxing fleet. The interesting thing will come up over a few weeks it would seem :slight_smile:

But I do appreciate the post it was a good read and well documented to what is currently known.


Players already scouted the valuable structures on sisi so that they could pop them first on TQ. That’s supposed to be against the test servers rules, but they did it any way. Regardless, all the loot pinatas have already been popped. Guys are now killing structures with less than 1 bil worth of loot. And you’d have to fight a more experienced, better organized, better equipped group for it.

Also, this guy has given some bad advice. This is likely due to him having no first hand experience. I’d advise you to ignore what he has to say.


The players in this game are really clever.

That is Dryson normal MO… Bad and uneducated advice.

He was also convinced I am one of CODE’s ring leaders.

Thanks for the free publicity, always a pleasure.

For the record, I never scouted anything on SISI.

I do not agree with that method as that also breaks the rules of singularity.

I did my scouting through TQ. Using available methods to every player :slight_smile:


Seeing as how Detached Navka are collaborating with the Triglavian’s, it is imperative to understand that their operations against ‘abandoned Citadels’ is a means to help the Triglavian’s flip a system like was done in Raravoss.

Detached Navka are terrorists and enemy collaborators.

Point in case…



I really could not be arsed and just saw it as easy way to pop structures and I am now over it now.

I am not hardup for isk, that is not my goal in EVE.

Sure it is, everyone knows that Caldari cash cows that CODE keeps in their pastures just there, beyond the fenced in yard, is the driving force behind CODE.

How insane can one Caldari truly be to call himself the Ruler and Savior of High Sector when we all know that isn’t true. What we do know is that CODE has a lot of ISK that it passes around to purchase influence, just like a Caldari does.

You jealous, bro?

Has anyone flipped a Citadel yet?

that’s pretty much my experience

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