Flying to antoher faction

I am new to eve online and I want to get a career agent but the agent is in Gallente Territory and I am Caldari. Can I just jump through a couple of stargates and fly to my agent or do I have to get a different agent because as soon as I enter I will be attacked?

You’ll only get attacked by faction police if your faction standings or security status drop below a certain threshold. Since you’re new, you’re probably good to go.

However, if I may offer a word of advice, I advise against running security missions that would have you kill ships of another major empire (i.e. Amarr, Minmatar) -killing Mercenaries, Rogue Drones, Angel Cartel, Serpentis, and other pirate factions is fine. This will prevent you from completely borking your faction standings, which will impede your ability to travel and do content throughout Highsec.

Welcome to Eve!

There are 3 sets of career agents for each empire faction and you can run each set once. Each set will earn about 7.5% standings boost with their faction with a tiny derived standing loss with their opponent because all missions involve pirates.

Normal progression will be to run the tutorial, followed by the career agents the tutorial directs you to, followed by the SOE Epic Arc which earns roughly 8%
standing boost with the faction of your choice (you choose the commander you want to work for near the end of the arc)

No one is likely to shoot at you on this journey except the mission rats.

In Couster, you receive a Catalyst, 2 Nereus, and Gallente Frigs instead of a Cormorant, 2 Badgers, and Caldari Frigs. You learn about Drones instead of Missiles, so your skillset will be different. But in the end you need all these skills anyway.
As the others already pointed out, you can do both. New Caldari Players in starting Corps are very welcome even in Gallente Space.

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