FOB spawn

Can anyone tell me what factors contribute to the spawn of rats in an f o b please

Think the spawn is based on size of fleet, or possibly type of ships you’re using…

Anyway, not sure since I don’t run them…

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Thxs, i did hear it might be ship type and weapons, Nestors in a fleet create insane spawns where as Dom’s with drones much less.

I do forget this is eve sometimes, nothing is explained fully🙄

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Size of fleet and composition. Not sure of the exact AI.

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Just number of ships that enter FoB grid. The spawns happen on entry, so one ship warping off grid and back will cause a second spawn.

Ship size does not matter in my experience. I did one in a Prophecy and got same range of spawns as I get in a Marauder.

The spawns vary wildly in threat level.


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