Guristas FOB - Escalation Overkill

Yes, there is no such thing as overkill. But the Guristas FOB and the spawn mechanics is just ridiculous overkill at the moment.

Exhibit A:
2 Cruisers warping on grid equals this spawn

Exhibit B:
Zkillboard stats are quite telling

Eve UNI AAR (Its public):

Its one thing to bring challenging and interesting PVE content, and I applaud that, but when your AI Enemy FC throws that many ships at just 2 dudes in T1 cruisers… there’s something that went wrong in that AI decision making logic. Then when you assemble a nice twenty five man fleet with T2 logi support, you’re slowly drowned in an Infinitely escalating enemy NPC fleet that alpha’s you off the field, and lands jams on your ECCM scripted ReSeboed logi chain (RNG I guess). Good grief, give these FOBs some logistical (ie. no of ships to throw at you) limits.

I’m not complaining about the losses or that we got our ass kicked or that its unfair (HTFU THIS IS EVE!)- I’m complaining about an AI and PVE content that is disincentivising coming together in fleets to accomplish the goal of killing these FOBs.

Oh and FYI, when these pirate NPCs start roaming from the FOB around the system - they can arrive on grid with your citadel (if any) and shoot you through your Tether Shields. Might want to look at that, CCP.

For your info.

Currently the spawns of npc ships appear to be based off the number of offensive high-slots your fleet has (for example a single torpedo launcher spawns 2 battleships, 4 cruisers, 4 frigates ) so the more guns and launchers your fleet has the more npc’s are spawned.

Tech 2 ships appear to be weighted more, so you get more npc’s for a scimitar than a scythe.

Empty high slot ships get a single spawn, I have seen 4 cruisers or 3 cruisers and 2 frigates. Those are total numbers, not for each ship just total!

Therefore use drone based ships with remote rep / remote cap high slots and cheese them.


This should only happen if you take action against them, if you undock and stop or warp to zero on the citadel and get the tether shield transfer AND DO NOT LOCK OR ATTACK the roaming patrol they cannot and will not touch you.

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If they are shooting tethers I recommend screenshot & bug report it. CCP may not read here, but will read a bug report.

Yes, it tells me they are easy as f*** to solo kill.


this is telling of how much i know about citadels i was under impression that it was normal that rats shooted me and broke tether seemed logical from my point of view.

spawn mechanic is borked as hell drone boats are getting a pass everything else is getting deleted from grid

Rats continuously spawn warp in points regardless of your direction of travel and speed up to 1500km from structure they will land on you in pre set ranges every time.

Whats the bounties like on the rats? cause if its good, they could be nice to farm, idk I dont really rat for isk.

Zero, nicht, nada, zip, zilch.

There is no bounty on the ships spawned by the FOB. The only bounty is for destruction of the FOB itself, this is capped at 30mil per person.

You thought you gonna kill one fob with shitty ships and got fukc rich?

This is CCP baby, so get some proper stuff and be ready to farm those to the death, then you could feel the reward.

“Hello, CCP help me , it looks like those NPC are shooting me back and they are better than me”

30 m not that bad i guess, but yeah, what Tiddle said^^

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