FOB's spawning broken

Has anyone else seen a increase in FOB’s. There seems to be an increase in the spawning. Also, you kill it and its back the next day. No random spawning anymore, they just come back either the next day or day after. Is the mechanic broken.

i read a month ago aprox, of a guy reporting three in the same place. He claim he check every load of skiff about FOBS, and in middle of one ofthem FOB respawn and kill his skiff.

I dont doubt it. (he change to procurer only)

Just seems that they are everywhere. Its not even worth doing them. 30 Mil isk? You need a decent fit to take them on. Most noobs don’t have the skills yet to do it and seasoned pilots would rather rat in low and null to max out isk per hour. You think they would just stop the useless PVE crap.

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30 mil per pilot. While they can be taken down solo… they are not meant to be. I clear them occasionally using 4 accounts. I average around 200 million per kill with the DED payment and Standup drop. While I agree the reward is a bit underwhelming, it is not a bad alternative / change of pace. I would like to see the ships drop loot / salvage as a way to increase the rewards in a non ISK faucet manner. Currently the salvage is utter crap, and the only drop is from the FoB itself. Not to mention the blueprint drop is 400,000 m3; which requires a freighter to loot a blueprint… which I find very odd and annoying.

All in all… I wouldn’t call it useless. I think it should be tweaked some. I find it to be a decent alternative source of minerals now that resource distribution / scarcity changes.

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