Focused Roqual Pilot ICE&ORE 24M SP

Iam for Sale

T2 Indu Core
Capital Indu. 5
ICE and ORE Specs 4
Will be in NPC at transfer
in high sec,
no killrights
positive wallet

Starting Bid: 24b

24b bid

thx for the starting bid , looking for a bit more bump for today

Bump for today looking for a bit more

I’ll bid 25b

25.5 bil

I’ll bid 25.6 bil

i an sorry for bothering You. I played eve online more tan ten years ago. I do not understand auction or how it works . can You explain even where to start and how to get billons of ISK I guess to buy characters . I just retired from job of 27 years now time maybe to play

Highest bid 25,6b atm
I’ll give it one more day and then the higherst bid gets me.

Auction works basically like this: you make a bid , if I decide it’s enough for sell you will send me the isk and your account name you want the character on.
Once I received the isk and the mail I start the transfer either for 1000Plex or 20€.
10 hours later the transfer will be done.

Scamming in this section is forbidden and will be punished by CCP.

How to make Isk ingame shouldn’t be part of this threat and after playing 10 years should have figured out already.

I will bid 25.7b.

I’ll bid 26 bil

Sorry for misunderstanding I am just restarting . I buy Flex cards to get ISK. Sorry for being a little stupid. I a m interested just learning the ropes again.

highest bid 26B atm

Auction will be closed at 4.00 EVEtime

Whoever is highest bidder can Send me Mail with the Account Name and send the ISk to this Character , ill start the Transfer onces i recieved the ISK and Name.
Will Post here Once the Transfer is Started

I will bid 26.1b.

I’ll bid 26.2b

I will bid 26.3b.

I’ll bid 27b

I will bid 27.1b.

I will bid 27.5b EVE Time 03:59:58

ISK and mail w/ account name sent.