FoF missiles

Now I now they are near useless but I was just wondering

do they target the nearest thing or do they just target whatever?

Nearest hostile target

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They chase the nearest, no matter target size.

RLML with ATLM is great for a anti drone boat.
RHML with ATHM is great for fleet defense against cruisers and below.
Running precision script helps with small fast movers.

… I mean in those cases why would you be using the auto targets? with drones I could maybe see it but against cruisers and the like?

Depends, with some encounters your drones are taken out first or after logi.

If you have enough launcher slots you could just load 1-2 launchers with auto targeting and leave the rest with standard or T2 missiles.

I have 1 in 5 set with auto targeting the other 4 with normal. But have enough missile to switch all launchers to auto if situation calls for FOF when too many targets to target. Specially if small targets, as targeting lock can take ages with the smaller sig targets.

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