Font on main page is smaller now?

As topic.

Sure is. At this point the text may get so small we will need to use the magnifier accessory.

If the text is so small you can’t see it at all, does it still classify as text?
There could be quantum gravity theory equations or ASCII art of naked Jennifer Lawrence embedded between the pixels and we wouldn’t know.

Nope it’s still zoomed in 100000% more than the old forums. It’s till way too big.

I see that here are only trolls.

Any normal person with normal answer? On mobile size seams to be same as earlier.

They are bit to small for me.


Speaking of trolls, I see one that has trouble reading, Quick, better call a forum dev to help!

Are you speaking about yourself? Since I said that on mobile this is not changed and also said that this change is wrong for me. So pointed dev just to write his opinion about that sneaky update.

Now, stop personal flame or go somewhere else if like this type of games.

Sorry, the change to font size is so obvious I thought it was a troll topic.
You knowing (if know, why ask?) it’s different on platforms only added to the confusion.
I’m so confused.

Looks like an update from Discourse included a font size seemingly changing some text from 1em to 14px, I’ve bumped it up to what it was pre-update for now. I’m leaving it as 14px for now, until I get a chance to look better into this.

Actually was only 1 pixel (and a different font) away from the old forums.

Nah. If that were true id be able to see around 20 sub cats on the main page, not 3-4.
And there’s no zoom out option for mobile users.

One word: lol.

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