Foolish Endeavours & A Terrible Waste


A bustling crowd is held back as a figure surrounded by armed guards makes their way towards the branch of an international news network. Some insults are caught on the rippling breeze and aqusations wring out.

“Traitor, murderer, monster, heathen, collaborator, criminal.”

The cries are unanswered, ignored, the hecklers restless, the guards watchful.

The figure flanked on either side seems undisturbed they walk onwards suit flapping in a steadily increasing wind.


A brightly lit studio two men sit opposite one another a camera crew circles them like vultures

Interviewer: Some have said Mr Masseri that some comments in your book are disrespectful that you do not treat the subject matter with enough care. Others say you draw links to other faiths in the cluster which therefore demean the truth the Ida seeks to teach us.

Richard Masseri: There is rather a lot for me to address in those statements…

Interviewer: But if you can address them all the same, I know your a busy man but this isn’t just a book advertisement we ask questions here.

Richard Masseri: Of course and I will happily answer them…

Interviewer: So?

Richard Masseri: I am sad that their are some who feel I am not as careful as I believe I have been however I am still yet to hear what facts I had wrong. From my point of view when my critics inform me of my errors I will happily commit to full retractions if necessary.

In relation to me drawing parallels with others faiths and if I may cultures, I feel negative reactions are based on bigotry and foolishness. I do not believe the Ida is demeaned by association with such things if anything these similarities embolden it’s truth.

Interviewer: Strong statements Mr Masseri how would you address aqusations you are simply writing CEP propaganda.

Richard Masseri: Preposterous, have you even read my work.

Fade to black

As the entourage nears the entrance the crowd noticeably changes the guards fan out at a word from the figure giving them space to walk unimpeded. These faces seem welcoming hands extend and are shaken by the figure camera’s flash, the guards seem to relax attention focused now on the rear.

A red spot of light appears on the back of the figures head, the guards move like lightning in seconds the figure disappears and gun fire rings out, a copter descends from above and all that is heard outside of the explosive rounds and the clip of propellers is the screams and cries and the crushing stampede of fearful people.


News that Connects

Intaki Primes most personable news outlet


Three dead and fourteen injured in suspected assassination attempt of Capsuleer Richard Masseri at 23.52 NEST yesterday.


Suspected assassin killed on site by Richard Masseri’s personal guards. Local gendarmerie unable to gain access to the scene at this time.


Gendarmerie granted access assassination attempt now being viewed as a case of miscommunication and misconduct on behalf of Richard Masseri’s staff.


Supposed assassin re-classified as innocent protester armed with nothing more then a laser light. Death toll thankfully reduced to two as one individual had a backup medical clone.


Richard Masseri offers his heartfelt condolences to the families of those individuals executed by his security team. In a further announcement he severs ties with the mercenary team.


Richard’s press team confirms that the book tour and all related press events are now on hold.


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