To The Anonymous Client

Last night, I was among few sent the now leaked CDIA footage. Sent through Intaki Bank’s Confidential Data Services Division, the client wished to remain anonymous. I respect that need for anonymity.

However, I am loathe to trust that my response will be delivered in such a way as to illustrate my concern. Whoever you may be, know that I deeply feel that you have sent this footage to me in error. I have little use of it, as I am neither a scientist by trade nor a journalist at heart. I have little desire to know the secrets of the CDIA and no desire to sensationalize them. To that I can only imagine that you purposefully sent me this information on the basis of two possible criteria:

  1. That I am among the many who fight Drifters.
  2. That I am building a reputation as a combat photographer.

For several years now, I have followed in the footsteps of the Idama on a mission of pragmatic pacifism. I spread this message to the Intaki people, and any that would see our brand of Ida as a positive influence on their lives. In contrast to orthodox Ida, my particular sect view the principle of war - particularly the war with the Drifters - as a matter of practical utility. In consequence alone, the Drifters, posing a unanimous threat that lacks discrimination and proportionality, warrant war as just. I do not revel in this duty, I am bound to it.

Or perhaps you thought that I could offer a service; using my experience with camera drones and deconstructing your leaked footage. Perhaps you thought I could provide some clarity to its narrative. You were wrong. I record the world as it is, as it were, and afford no commentary of my own, such that it may remain pure. I make no effort to edit the footage beyond brevity, and therein cannot do what you would ask.

Though I wish you well in your retention of anonymity, I fear you may have provoked a beast in revealing CONCORD’s classified files to the media. I can only hope that it does not come to haunt you, and offer what service I can in your inevitable need for guile.


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