For Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all!

Regina meus, et Deus Regina meus Deus meus.

Amarr Victor!

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This is not an Amarr propaganda center

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I … am not sure whether it’s on his lordship’s side or the translator’s (how did God get mentioned twice in the original but only once in the translation?), but I feel like wine definitely had a part in this.

Ha, well, no, that’s true, sir. It’s an everybody propaganda center.


@Deus_Morteus I think this thread’s creator is throwing bad words at you.

My onboard translator gives “My Queen, and the God of my Queen is my God”, with three possible grammar and syntax errors.

While Lord Vaari’s loyalty towards the Empress and his piety are indeed worthy of respect and praise, I must agree about the wine.


This is pretty tame as far as drunken Vaari posts go; last time he made three or four new topics along these lines.

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Im is never drunk.

Uh huh sure Vaari.


Your disgusting verbal vomit against Her Glorious Imperial Majesty has been dutifully reported to the Glorious Inquisition.

Fortunately nobody in all of New Eden is hidden from the just justice of their glorious Directorate of Foreign and Alien Correction.

Nobody expects them…but expect to hear from the long arm of DFAC soon…

Amarr Victor

Too much of this?

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