Imperium of Amarr! HRRR



Would read again.


Ours is the most greatests and most civilized empire forver. All who oppose are heatens and will face my fist.

A fisting eh ?

Don’t threaten people with a good time.


You really, really need to stop drunk posting Vaari.

Also, I oppose your empire. I dare you to try and take a swing at me.

Watch out for THE FIST, Anabella !

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Lord Vaari

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I now have an awkward imagination about such… event. Lord Vaari with fist double his head size tries to make a swing, while Rella teases him to hit her, hiding under the rock, when he approaches and whacks the rock, Rella runs away, jumps into a burrow and teases him again, Lord Vaari swings again, and Rella
finally runs away, still squealing!

I thought you were against public drunkenness, Vaari is clearly drunk…

Apparently the “fist” was just him correcting Anabella on his title?

Edit: And he didn’t even include all of his titles?


…On one hand, I have no doubt that this is the most powerful and pure expression of loyalty to the Empire I ever witnessed. It is inspiring , in its own way. Knowing Lord Vaari “HRRR” implies a positive context here.

…But on the other hand, the Scripture says that the Empire was created to cultivate the spirit of man; and that probably means, among other things, that everything truely primal and powerful that comes from one’s heart must be first distilled through the clear mind to reach civilized, refined forms before…?

…Oh, well, it’s new year, so HRRR, indeed.

:wine_glass: :sparkler:

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Hrrrppy new year



According to some posters here, too much cultivated spirits are at the root.


Lord Vaari,

I remember when I first came into contact with you in Providence. It seemed you were an inquisitor of the faith rooting out evil, witches, and heretics alike. I swore I would follow your foot steps in the elimination of all things evil against the good people of Providence. I ensured that I read all of the scriptures you wrote on identification of treason and evil. Especially it seemed your writings on the persecution and identification of witches.

Since that time I know you have become estranged with Providence. Yet, you were there at the beginnings. Our founding fathers of CVA and Providence were alongside you when we hacked out the region to what it is today. For that Providence will always remember you. Despite the current conflict Providence knows of your sacrifice and I pray that you will once again return to the fold someday. That maybe old hatreds can be wiped clean.

It is a new year. Let us make a new year of celebration of oaths to the Empress and to the Amarr Empire. For that there can be no conflict as our love of the Empress is but one and the same. I hope for greener pastures my old friend.

Paladin Saltz.

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