Renewal of promise of cooperation

It has been months since I, Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr and the Shield of Miners, Great Wind, the Death That Comes Praying, Demonsbane.

I renew my oath to work together with amarrian loyalist and all who have serious background of loyalism if this demon pouring menace grows in dangerous levels.

If our Empire and Empress, beloved by all is threatened, some CVA’s policy about their insignificant null sec is least i can care. Same comes for my beloved Lord of my alliance.

This does not mean that I, venerable Lord Vaari do not follow the wise and righteous guidance of my Lord, Lord Kithrus, honored by all!

This does not mean that I see CVA as my friend. CVA has done so unspeakable evil, that I cannot fathom it.

However, if our holy Empire is danger because of this…demon invasion, know that I, Lord Vaari will oppose the invasion from Hell at the forefront and without prejudice.

Im sure my liege lords, Lord Crases agrees, for he is most devoted for the Imperial cause.

Now, more than ever, Amarr Victor!

‘I, Lord Vaari, jarl of Failing to Capitalize Actual Titles, also renew my oath to fling myself in someone’s spilled drink puddle muttering something about mud, before engaging in pointless histrionics and throwing a pointless tantrum that would have a toddler going “dude, chill”, over a damned writing contest. I shall continue to behave like a petulant little child, demanding that I get my way whenever I don’t like the decisions other people make. I’ve done it all across Provi, I’ve done it at polite parties, and I’m sure I’ll do it as soon as Kithrus slaps my hand and tells me ‘no’ for the first time.’

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Put yourself in my shoes. Mighty nobleman losing a WRITING contest to barely literate pheasants!

pours ash on his head

Clearly, they were not barely literate.

And frankly, you write like a brain-damaged fedo. Just from the postings in this forum, your command of language is poor, your pacing and presentation make reading a chore, and your insistence on excessively florid, self-aggrandizing prose encourages the reader to tune out and look elsewhere before you even finish failing to capitalize ‘Jarl’.

What’s more, the demonstrative bullshite does you no favors whatsoever. It encourages others to dismiss you as childish and incapable of taking critique or even a minor setback without seeking to turn it into some half-assed grab for attention. You, Lord Vaari, undermine your credibility at every turn. Your trite demands upon, and empty threats against CVA and Provibloc, going back long years, have consistently damaged your standing and presented you as a weightless piece of nothing, to be utterly ignored and given no heed.

If you wish this to be otherwise, I suggest that you stop talking, until you have done something worth actually talking about, rather than simply done some minor and inconsequential thing which you then wish to inflate into an affair of great cosmopolitical import.


Milord, if I may, can I suggest just ignoring Arrendiot?
Clearly she was horribly ill-suited for that kind of position, I am sure she didn’t even read works of certain authors (just like other one of judges, whom I won’t be bringing here, poking one smelly pile is more than enough to stagnate the atmosphere), but there’s no need in making a fuss over it.

I did try to talk with her, gave her multiple chances. But you know how it was always ending? With her starting into insults or open lies publically against people she disagrees with. The truth can be found in argument, but you’ll never find truth arguing with Arrendiot. You will only waste your time and nerves.

I would kindly suggest solving that issue diplomatically with Lady Daphiti without talking to the offender directly. Ideally, it should have been done before offering a submission, but the example can be just used to show why she is not suitable for any work of that kind to prevent future disaster.

Think constructively! Can’t change what have been done, but the experience can help shaping a better future. Better future without antagonizing personalities like her.

Arrendis did read and judge every entry submitted to the contest, Diana. As a fellow judge, I can vouch!

Also, Lord Vaari? Your piece was very good and I enjoyed reading it very much. <3 It can’t be helped that there were some astonishingly good pieces in this year’s competition.


Careful who you insult Kim. They may just have been a judge and could be again.

Just some food for thought.


You ever win top prize in an amazing contest, after years of feeling like your work was irrelevant, and then racist creepers whose behavior made Nauplius look decorous start challenging the legitimacy of the contest and your own talent?


If i next year take part does my spelling error cause it to get lower points? It is something that is really hard to fix since this galactic common is not my native language.

No no, spelling and other little matters of editing are not a factor in judging. We are not copyeditors or grade-school instructors. :slight_smile:

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If that’s a thing you’re worried about, you could… and I’m just putting this out there… get someone to look it over. The contest doesn’t require submissions of unseen drafts. It doesn’t require submissions to be untouched by copyeditors or proofreaders.

You’re allowed to have people help out.

That said, Loai is entirely correct. Typos, spelling errors, and the like are not things I took issue with.


Oh look who’s speaking. Jumping to protect a worthless person while you yourself is worse. Well, good luck in that, I’ll see how that will go.

Being “protected” by Rella actually would feel for anyone worse than being attacked by Rella, considering Rella’s posting habits.

And really, you should be more worried about yourself than Arrendiot.

Discrimination against pheasants!

I like pheasants. They’re quite tasty. Especially when roasted.


I prefer Quails.

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Lord Vaari,

I must have to do another look at CVA. As I am still searching for this “unspeakable evil” that you mentioned. In fact to be living with any type of evil these past 3 years and not seeing it must be shameful indeed.

I am most shocked that your “most honorable Alliance” Aegis Militia must pay rent to your overlords in order to have the “honor” of living and mining in Providence. My lord I see that as nothing short of evil. My Providence that I live in does not force the good people that wish to live here to pay rent. In fact people from far and wide move to Providence to live and build up themselves with the Protection of the Wardens.
While you see me living in a this “evil CVA” I see the evil that you may be blind to as well. A coalition that gladly sacrifices others as a meat shield and that sustains itself from the sacrifices of others. While in our Free Providence we would gladly sacrifice ourselves for our fellow pilot and a complete stranger. These values are not mimicked with the group you guys pay taxes for and gain their protection from. The fact that you mighty men of old Providence must pay to live in Providence under a Pirate regime burns my heart with pain.

The true tragedy of this conflict is that good loyalists were torn in loyalty by a Pirate regime with their honeyed words. These men were the catalyst that burned your former alliance from Providence. These men promised so much to you lot and gave you nothing other than a renter bill. I truly weep tears of sadness when I think of it all. They did this on purpose to split us. They knew that they could never unnerve us themselves. However, the recruiting of loyalists would be like an arrow to the heart.

It is good to see your guys renewed effort to fight alongside fellow loyalists for the good of the Empire. However, this escapade has left a dark shadow upon us all. The coalition of Pirates and slaves of the virus legions have fractures in so many places. Everyday we speak of a time in which all of Providence has been liberated by the invaders that started this war 18 months ago.

We didn’t start the war, but by gods grace we will finish it. CVA only has ever known 2 phases of war. We have either won the war. Or in the process of winning the war. The 15 years of previous history has shown me this. Your new allies burned down half of Providence. We have rebuilt from the ashes.

God will judge us all when we finally stand before him. I will go to god with a clean conscious of my loyalty and deeds.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.


You moron. I wasn’t “protecting” anyone, least of all Arrendis. She’s a big girl and does quite well taking care of herself.

And now I will follow my own advice and return to ignoring your hate-filled drivel that for some reason the CRC continues to allow you to post.


A typical Rella-grade argument, my point is sort of proven.

Me? Well, I tend to not break rules.
On the other hand, that you’re still posting is a huge mystery.

If you go to your profile, under ‘preferences’ > ‘notifications’, you can just ignore her for 4 months at a shot. :wink:

Bless you! I never knew that function existed.

I think I’ll nominate you for an Aidonis.