For widescreen: side-by-side mode

I play two characters at once most of the time on a 16:9 screen. Windowed. :frowning:

The one thing I really wish for is a fullscreen side-by-side mode where I can split my 3840x1600 into 2x 1920x1600 in fullscreen.

I don’t know how hard this would be to implement in DirectX (haven’t done DirectX work in like 15 years), but this would help a lot I think.

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Set your clients to windowed then drag one fully to the left and one fully to the right. Windows will arrange them at 50/50.

True, thats what I’m currently doing, but it takes away screen estate and it is not as immersive as fullscreen side-by-side would be.

Being able to set the size and position of a borderless window was on my wishlist 10 years ago.

Never happened.

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There’s an app for this.

Or at least there was

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