For you eve-playing parents with young kids

I’m so frustrated with myself because I’ve been a parent for 8 years, playing eve for 12, and this idea never occurred to me until just now…

My kids will occasionally watch me play Eve, and they’ll say something like “Hey Dad - shoot the giant space station with your torpedoes!”

Instead of saying, “Well, I can’t quite do that because then I’ll get blown up by the space police”… I should have been hopping over to the test server! Then I could say things like “Okay - let’s DO IT!!”

Just an idea I thought I’d share with my fellow parents-of-young-kids.


In all my years playing eve I have never once logged into the test server.


I would be willing to bet that’s true of most people. The launcher makes it relatively painless, but it still takes the usual of 1-2 minutes of overhead of logging in and then connecting.

Why not force, uh, i mean let your kids mine for you?


It doesn’t work. My kid kept repeating “DAD! Get into my ship! QUICK!”. I asked “Why?”. My kid answered “Your ship is on fire!” while pointing at the flames coming out of the barge’s exhaust… then didn’t want to help me because I rather sat in a burning ship than join in her Orca. Kids! :smiley:

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My kid is 5, but I have to admit, the idea has crossed my mind. :smiley:

I’ll just wait for it for few more years and see how it turns out…My guess is, our kids will soon teach us things instead, the way this world is being digitalized…

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My kid is 4months old. Reading this thread fills me with excitement and dread for my Eve future.


Here’s something that should seem obvious, but it didn’t really sink in right away -

Eve is really hard to play when you have young kids, because of interruptions. I found I got most of my playing in when either:
a) We had one kid, and my wife was watching him, or
b) All the kids were in bed

I can get a bit more time in now that they’re a little older, but we still have a 1yo. If I am ever alone in the house with her, no Eve - even if she’s asleep. Just too high of a chance she’ll wake up and need something right away.

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One of my sons flies a Fleetphoon, my other sons play other games and don’t care for Eve.

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Right now I’ve settled on running distribution missions or mining… hold on, he’s crying… Ok, I’m back. Wet and hungry. So yeah, combat is out of the question. Gotta be able to dock up at a moments notice without the threat of losing anything major. Might get back into production too. Need my space fix.

The New Order of Highsec loves children and endorses this product or service.

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