Your offspring & skill points - Have you made accounts for your aftergrowth?

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  • Haven’t thought of this and now considering
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For all the dads and mothers out there!
I’ve heard multiple players including some major Eve-Online streamers talking about how they’ve created accounts and new characters in aims of having the future pilots not having to start from scratch.

I think that’s pretty wholesome and thoughtful. It is true that Eve has become “easier” to play and with someone like your relative to guide you, the months or even year(s) it takes to be able to tackle the content that Eve-Online has to offer can only be a stimulus right?

I have considered it, but figured if she ever starts showing interest in the game I can start then.

Also, no need to give a newbie a character capable of flying a battleship when they still have to learn the game. Starting small and playing a game with dad doesn’t require skill points. And if skill points ever happen to be blocking a fun idea, injectors exist!

I have considered making her a character born on the same day. But at that day I had other things on my mind and no acces to a pc, so I didn’t.

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