Play Style for the Family Man/Women

Hey all, I have played on an off for a few years now. I have never really accomplished anything great in game but have earned a few kills and learned this ins and outs of travel through all the flavors of space new eden has to offer.

My latest break is simply because as a father of a 1.5 year old I have little to no time these days to play the way I used to. Now that we are at the point where the little guy is on a solid schedule, i am finding my self with a good 2-3 hours every night where i have been itching to log in but just don’t know what to do.

My question is what do you other parents out there do during your limited play times?

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Suicide ganking is always an option. Kick some ass, be dad for 15min, then kick some ass again, then be a dad again for 15min, and so on. If your kid doesn’t need attention, you can also spend the 15min breaks with your wife!

This way you get the best of both worlds and everyone’s happy.


Another choice is exploration. Find a chain or several paths that tend to be underpopulated, set autopilot just to mark your course, start running each system. Your child or wife needs some help/attention, either dock up at a station or go to your safe spot and cloak up. Easily adaptable to whatever happens; can even interrupt and dock/safe up at a moments notice if a real emergency happens.


Thank you for the responses. I was thinking getting back into exploration. Are low sec hacking and relic profitable? I have done a devent amount of null sec in the past but found it to be more of a headache than it was worth since the isk/hour was about the same as running 3 and 4 DED sites.

Maybe i will give suicide ganking a shot just for the giggles to make them go pop. Is the Cat still the ship of choice?

I’m sure you can figure that out as part of your fun. Think about it. When you tinker yourself, you’ll have more fun doing it.

Though, in general: thrashers for pods, or small ships when you’re under sentry fire. catalysts for literally everything else far away from any gate. remember not to use your main. :blush:

Btw, i must add … it’s not a “play style”. There are no “play styles”. There are only “things to do”. The term “play styles” came up from people who usually are stuck at one thing, and one thing only. They seperate the game into little boxes that way, completely ignoring that it is all just literally “stuff to do in the game”. Sorry for nitpicking. :slight_smile:

I’d say mission running is a good fit, with blitzing you can get most of the missions down to ~5-10 mins, and I’ve come up with a bunch of cap stable fits so even if you have to run off in an emergency you won’t lose a ship.

Trading is another good opportunity, can pretty much always just up and leave at any time, just don’t try to rush an order and mistype it, that’s one of the biggest mistakes traders can make, either adding extra digits and eating big broker fees if selling or paying way too much if buying, then there’s forgetting/mistyping a digit and buying/selling things for the wrong price.

ganking and exploration are both also interesting opportunities presented in other posts.

on the pvp side, a lot of people in FW areas use t1 frigs, a pretty easy loss to take if you have to run AFK. Most t1 ships aren’t that bad to lose with insurance. How big you go is up to you and how much loss you can afford. Taking care of an emergency is more important than a ship anyways.

MTU Hunting is an option, touching people’s junk when they’re not looking can be quite fun. Check out the guide on my blog for more info.

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What in EVE cannot be done in 2-3 hours?


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its not so much the amount of time but that it is typically interrupted.

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2-3 hours is plenty of time for some casual exploration or even FW if that interests you. Both are very casual and it’s easy to start and stop on your own terms.


if you are flying a titan and hit jump instead of bridge you may be looking at more than 2-3 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


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