So my man play this game

Hello eve community
I dont know if this is the right place to put this but here goes.

As you read my headline, yes he play this game almost every day. He has talked to me about playing the game, but i never really was much for online games. When i finally started playing ( this means he can play more haha), i was flying in my ship and i kinda fell for the feeling, big vast universe, me and my ship. its a very fun and relaxing game so far but iv only played a day or two.

Yesterday he said that when im good enugh i can play with the big boys… haha i thought…
This made me want to show him that i can do this better than him.

So here i am asking for help with tips on how to make isk faster, play smarter, and get stuff that will blow his mind away.
I probably cant learn pvp enugh to win or so, but i want him to look at my character and say. how the hell did you manage that!.

Any help?


While he’s in space shooting, you should learn market trading :slight_smile: Then when he gloats to you about his sweet battleship you can buy him 10 more without breaking a sweat. That’ll put him in his place :blush:


ok thats a good idea. i will look at some videos. ty so much Keno Skir

More help is welcome.

Mail me in game for a more detailed explanation.


thank you, i will do that aswell.

I have started market trading, bought a book that help me “Accounting”. iv also done some quests for caldari i think to get more money/isk. This goes pretty well and ingame people are friendly and helping out aswell.
Am i going to save for a cruiser or a battleship first?
what books shall i get?

This sounds fun, since i got nothing better to do follow this thread i will.
Go for cruiser tech2.
But market is the way to go, focus on that.

Check your contracts, sent you a large skill injector.
Use it and you can allocate skills quickly. It is located in perimeter.
Show your husband who is the boss


Thank you for the help. Let me go and get it.

WOW THANK YOU… i could right away be done with many skills.

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FYI, injectors can be injected without being in the area they are stored in.

So say next time you are in Jita, and someone gets you another Injector in like perimeter, you can stay in Jita and still inject the injector.

Skillbooks however don’t work that way… You do have to be on location for the book to inject.


Yeah i can provide you my seven years experince.

First do not trust any one cause they love the salt of tears .
Second stick with one race to train for if you want to train for PVP (I recommend Amarr or galante).
Avoid giving any information about your self nor about your activity.Simply say no need to know.

I recommend for you as start to do mining then compress then need for advance things to do.
If you the type to join fleets be online around 19.00 - 3.00 and that US fleet time almost.

More thing to say that Do not waste your time on this game it is not healthy for you.

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Oh thank you for that nice tips Geo, i will do that if that happens hihihi.
So much sweet people in this game.

Wow that is alot of time in eve.
I understand how now when i really like it a lot.
Big push is to envy my husband. and this seems to work.

You can enjoy the game actually and it has it fun.
But there is alot of pain BTW so be notified.

Mining is a calm thing to do and boring and recive alot of bully but worth the ISK ecpicially moon mining.
Industry is good also but need to be combined with mining only cause buying to build is not profitable.

PVP need ISK from the start and you will spend alot of time losing till you stablize in it but generally
you must know the advantages of your ship and use it but avoid the ships that is disadvanteges for you.

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“First do not trust anyone…” is a good advice.

I don’t trust your story.

Welcome to EVE o7


One thing to add that you might meet alot of charachters but in the end you will notice they are
actually the same guy.

Good luck in the speace.


Ok good advise

you can mail me in-game too. I like more in depth talk.

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Dont play this game. Its awful. You will end up making a ton of alts and buying new multi monitor setup, maybe even spending hours watching in slow motion huge, nonsensical batles where at the end everyone losses connection because server could not handle the load.

Maybe you wil want to fly freighter and then only to loose everything in a gank, while transporting your all possesions to different place, or you will fail a courier contract in such way… not a nice thing to live thru.

Also as a woman you will be object of stupid attention on every comm. Nearly all community is made out of basement dwellers with neckbeards, in fedoras, who will want to marry you because you have nice voice.

Not mentioning launcher forgetting your account info and doing stuff like not allowing you to play, but maybe that is actually good thing, but of course you will lose your precious h/isk ratio because of it so you will want to play. INSANITY.


The easiest and fastest way to make isk is steal it. Scams work, as does infiltration. You want to show your friend you “get” eve? then infiltrate his corp, gain their confidence, then steal everything not tied down. Take lots of pictures of your theft and then post on /r eve for lols. Rinse and repeat. No “eve” skills are necessary. So you dont have to worry about spending money on injectors etc. . .

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