Force Auxiliary Balance Proposal - Round 2


(Scaugh) #81

My thinking here is:

Limit the module = the account will still somewhat useful and will continue to be plexed.

Limit the hull type = Players will unsub unnecessary alts and CCP will loose revenue.

(Khan Wrenth) #82

It’s hilarious how these things are just all sorts of broken, and manages to find it’s way into almost every balance discussion because of the consequences.

Thousands cry out a collective, “Told you so…”

(elitatwo) #83

No comment :wink:

EVE 2018, whomever has the muchestestestesetest accounts is the goodestest at ppppvp.

I’m not very convinced that fax machines will change much at 0.1 frames per second in a 3 trillion accounts vs 5x 6 trillion accounts online, however increasing the baking time to at least 12 weeks should be a nice deterrent to throw them into frigate duels.

(Brisc Rubal) #84

I don’t think so - folks will just specialize the alts. An alt with the skills to fly an Apostle isn’t that different from one flying a Ninazu. It would make no sense to just trash those alts instead of respeccing them.

(Old Pervert) #85

Very true.

If there comes a point where blobbing faxes isn’t the right way to go, fax alts will just train up dread skills (assuming they haven’t already, I’m training them up on mine already). If you can’t rep things up, you’ll just burn them down faster.

I’ve always wanted to try and MDJ a cyno into the middle of a hostile capital blob, and cyno literally 500 dreads right in the middle of them.

(Brisc Rubal) #86

We hear the N+1 argument all the time, but the reality is that the meta already encourages this kind of gameplay - you bring as many FAXes as you can field, and the nerf isn’t going to make anybody bring more. If you can bring more, you’re already doing it. This won’t impact the idea that bringing more is always a good thing.

(Old Pervert) #87

Right, if you can bring more, you do.

If you need to bring more, you mandate the changes needed to get more. As I cited before, we have a mandate that every member of our alliance must have a FAX alt. If FAX reps got nerfed in some fashion that made them 50% as effective, the mandate would just be that every member needs 2 fax alts.

If it got worse than that, honestly, we’d probably just stop bringing supers and start bringing more dreads. B52 penixes, for example, can easily alpha a Titan in sufficient quantity, and the Titan will be well inside a defensive bubble.

(Izmaragd Dawnstar) #88

Please also consider some cyno and PANIC interaction changes to stop the simultaneous use of those 2 modules. The CASB change is already amazing, though, hope it makes it to live!

(PI farmer1) #89

rip capital ancil bpc prices

(Aeryn-Sun) #90

Go ahead prevent more than one capital Ancillary shield booster on capitals, do not remove bonuses from faxes without buffing them in other areas.
The problem is NOT the fax.
It’s pilots not having a clue how to deal with them.

You’ve just made the already useless lif even more useless.
And the ninazu which was niche at best, even less likely to be used ever…

I really wonder who the ppl that spring the changes are. Do they even play this game? Do they even fly these ships?

Spend time fixing other actual issues.

Remove triage modules from faxes.
Let them do their job without it, let them do drone damage, let them ewar

I mean you have to give them something…
Oh wait… just don’t go forward with these ridiculous changes

(elitatwo) #91

Bomber’s Bar does, they bring 30 stealth bombers and make torpedoes rain - poof goes the fax.

(Dzaster) #92

This still won’t fix any problems. U gotta change heavy cap booster they should not be able to use cap 3200. Why not fix boosting modules have u taken in the 8% into consideration, my opinion change all armour remote mods remove armour rig bonus.
U broke it with cap boosters u changed ancillary to be able to have one why not do this for booster.
There will be no more roaming small gangs with triage on of my fav things to do in eve, this is gone
If people complaining triage to strong yes apostle cap stable 3remotes 2 personal with 4 cap booster 2 remote repair rigs geno and other implants, this is what’s broken not the ships

(xHxHxAOD) #93

casb nerf isn’t needed. as with usual ccp they nerf bat things that don’t need nerfs imo

(Hayley Haruka) #94

I dont get why you wanna change the CASB. They are not the Problem, the Rorquals and and faxes are.
Hughe Dread nerf :frowning:

(elitatwo) #95

Nope. alts are the problem.

(Litsea Reticulata) #96

Does this mean you are in favour of diminishing returns of fax reps?

(Syllabus Memoriae) #97

First off, the ancillary rep is an okay change, but, please add neut resistances to Industrial Core, removes some of the need and makes rorquals viable against certain types of warfare. (Maybe a neut stacking penalty, more neuts less effective)

Changes for faxes are acceptable, but in small scales fights with T2 Triage would still be oppressive, Remove neut resistances to Capital batteries and apply them to ship hulls and other mods instead.

Also, a proposed change which could help balance logi as a whole, make the different sizes of reps scale with ship size. Medium reps do more with cruisers, large reps do more with battleships, capital reps don’t affect subcaps nearly to the degree they do currently. Change bonus’s to ships accordingly, (Example: Rorquals would want medium rep bonus’s for the support capability)

Closing notes: I miss the days when you had carriers with triage combat refitting off each other to adapt and counter as engagements progressed. I actually never liked faxes :slight_smile:

(elitatwo) #98

And yet most fax machines only have the fitting room for 3 remote reps. Let’s assume you have a small gang of 30 sleeper cruisers and engage a battlecruiser gang of 20 battlecruisers and the defender jumps in a fax machine.
That poor fax machine pilot will have a really stressful evening now, prioritizing 3 remote reps and cycling them to the broadcasts in time.

(Brisc Rubal) #99

Yes - I’m also in favor of sig based FAX reps.

Both are much more difficult to code than what is being proposed, so I know the chances of those two things happening are pretty low. These changes, on the other hand, can be implemented pretty quickly.

(Sakura Hoshizora) #100

Seems like the Minokawa still has the wrong bonus removed on Sisi

Command Burst Range instead of Cap Bonus.