Force Auxiliary Balance Proposal

Here’s the issue. The force auxiliaries cannot receive support from other ships so they need to be self reliant for repairs. If you nerf it’s self reliance to support its own tank against a 120 man fleet then they will lose their importance in small fleets where people often brawl it out, they would purely become capital suicidal buffer tanked logistic ships, small groups which want to fight against larger groups but cannot host a lot of people, for them this matters a lot. On top of that, the counter to them is very simple, neutralizers, having dedicated neutralizing ships will do the job specially if the force auxiliary is jumped during a fight because at that point it has lost its 70% capacitor at least to make the jump.

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  1. on the KM are 129, so how do you get 150?
  2. that thing has not even 60k dps tank (with blue pill, agency, HG-crystal & so on)
  3. is not capstable with BOTH cap injections running.
  4. a big part of the fight you quoted…came in later. in the beginning, it wasn’t enough fleet on grid to kill it and they brought in more, slowly.
  5. where does the minikawa have 100% neut resistance? i mean…it’s not even capstable even without neuts on it.

The people saying local fax reps aren’t unbalanced must be on some gear I’ve never heard of. I have extensive experience in fleets 50-100 man and I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stymied by a single local rep fax. I don’t think one ship should be able to stop a fleet dead but that’s basically how it goes. If you’re fighting an equal size fleet and they have cap superiority and you can’t bring one (so basically, most offensive operations) you are at a huge disadvantage.

This disadvantage has a knock-on effect, FCs know it and they know that unless they can gain cap superiority they won’t be able to stop even 1 fax, so they don’t take a fight. They don’t go on a campaign. Local fax rep nerfs will be very valuable to encouraging people to actually go into enemy space and try something.


Or all the other Hulls bigger for more bumping and therfor more content for everyone :slight_smile:

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3200 :clap: still :clap: in :clap: the :clap: game :clap:

How r u gon :coconut: the :vampire:

No, this is only acute in whs. Everywhere else you can, and will, easily counter an active tanked FAX by just dropping more dreads on it. Perhaps the better way to solve this problem would be to just remove all capitals from j-space?

  1. Typo.

2-5. The rest - I can only tell you what I saw with my own eyes. Two fleets, one BS and one HACs, were hitting this guy for almost twenty minutes and could not break his tank. It took bringing dreads in to do enough DPS to kill him. The guy repped over 6 million raw damage.

no one gives a crap about WHs. Always, always, balance blob first

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everything is broken in wormhole space though, it’s pointless even trying

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I thought about putting thought into my reply here but i think all hope is lost for this one so ill just go with a :facepalm:


i am trying to think about what would this mean for different spaces from a FC perspective:

largscale -> just drop more to avoid cycletime problems, fit buffer anyway because you dont go for local repp in largescale. you want buffer, hope to survive triage and be caught by your friends to rep you up

in smallscale i think it is actually okay. that 5-10 pilots are not able to just roflstomp a cap repper feels about right. and still: if you manage to bump the faux of fleet you might still have a chance to kill the fleet that he supports. always depends on the situation obviously. but maybe this isnt rly the focus of faux drops

in midscale ->50-100ppl fleets i actually see a high impact. you are very close to alpha-fleets (at least in nullsec this is still meta and what people fly around here) or at least fleets that work with high volleys and range. we fight faux a lot too and as i posted before i dont really feel that they are OP. you can bump them easy off other caps out of optimal and kill them after. local repp still makes sense but is still easy to break if your doctrin fits for the job. it’s just the cap thingy what is strange in my opinion.

i am overall not really happy with the solution yet, that is suggested. if this is going to happen as told, our alliance will sit at the desk again and work on fits. but if there is no possibility to still make it work in this scale, we will just drop faux out of doctrins or force our people to skill to faux as doctrin too so we can just drop 5-10 faux on grid too. i actually like the idea of @chinokk a lot. make it signature based remote repps. local tank is actually fine i think, but consider reducing reps for subcapitals but not the cycletime. this is what makes it possible to actually have fun fights against sniper fleets… to be able to keep your mates barely alive when they survive the first volley.

Where are the shield slaves


Right after the 37% buffer nerf across the board lol.

just buff dread damage lol

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Has any thought been given to splitting up repair effectiveness depending on what that target of the repair is - full strength on large ships, reduced effectiveness on subcaps, for instance?

Also a diminishing return on quantities. In general, a lot more work should go into diminishing effects, so the intense concentration of players don’t get worse. The servers will thank you for it.

Terrible ideas with flawed logic. Its a capital, bring more folks to the fight and lots of ammo.

local repp is about the local repp of a dreadnaught and if your doctrin isnt totally out of place you will easily be able to break a faux or a dread. this is what ebola does all the time. we hunt capitals in small-midscale on a daily base and it works. you just need doctrins that are actually meant for this. if you come with the wrong tool, it isnt really suprising that you cant get the job done. v0v


There has to be another counter besides a capital escalation. Frankly, I don’t think FAXes should be used at all in subcap fights. Dropping Dreads to kill a single FAX is rarely worth it, and you’re just begging for a counterdrop. It makes little sense to have to commit multiple capitals to kill one capital, especially if you’ve already got a big subcap fleet on grid.


How about: nerf optimal repair range?
Sub capitals have to stay close to their FAX if they want to use it, making them vulnerable to bombs or booshers.
In capital warfare, you bumb if you bring a certain amount of blob, so you will not be in range of all force auxiliaries.

I would like you to nerf FAX mobility and range.

Reduce repair range to half of the current values.
Increase the triage time.

If you control grid you have more options now to keep fax away using dictors and defensive bubbles or even by bumping.