Force Recon Cyno Bonuses

IMO, Recons are under-represented in their namesake role as forward scouts.

Their in-game description, which I feel is more than valid to cite as a design intent, very clearly states that they’re intended for cynoing more than just blops; they’re intended to cyno in caps as well.

But who in their right mind will choose to float around in a 300m isk paper-tanked covops ship for 5 minutes? There’s a reason people use disposable frigates for their travel cynos. I’m not saying some high-rollers don’t do it, but anyone trying to be halfways responsible will just ship in disposable frigates for when their cyno gets popped.

IMO, force recons should see their “regular” cyno activation time reduced to 60 seconds.

My motivation for this request, since I know it will be questioned, is moving my caps without needing to beg for a cyno. I’m training up a cyno alt for a fort chain, and right now the plan is to just get a blockade runner, stick a few cyno frigs in it, travel with the BR and light with the frigates. So it’s not like I don’t have workable options… but I don’t really like that option personally, when there are ships that are literally intended for it.

Of course the counter-argument of “just defend it if someone comes to attack it”, but that’s certainly easier said than done - otherwise everyone would do it and not feed cyno frigates to leet pvpers.

There’s no significant loss either in economic or gameplay senses in reducing the number of cyno frigate losses. At 60 seconds, there’s still a non-zero level of risk that you’ll get stumbled on, and it feels like a fair level of risk for the reward offered (non-combat travel).

Almost a full day, and not even one shitpost? Does nobody have any disagreement with this?

Everyone uses a frigate so we don’t know, which kind of proves your point.

In principle you are correct, a dedicated purpose ship should be better than some cheap frigate that also requires less skills to fly.

Especially a T2 hull with ■■■■ insurance. You won’t lose them as often, but when you do it’ll hurt a lot more. On the flip side, they’re WAY more mobile.

Cyno alts trained into force recons only feels like an awesome thing to me.

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