Forecasting of prices when buying or selling

Dear EVE Online players,

I just started on EVE Online, the possibilities are awesome …

I would like to specialize in industry domain :blush: I would like to know if someone know if it’s possible to forecast the price of rax materials (even on short term, like 2 to 4 weeks) ? Same for the price when selling products (ship, etc.) ?

Thanks for your advice.

The only way to forecast such a thing is by keeping up with current events.

  • Are there any potential wars brewing?
    – Wars mean more materials will be consumed
  • Are there industrial movements occuring within major player groups? (be they regional or game-wide)
    – Sometimes a player group will make a push in infrastructure, which will result in resources being consumed, or sell of portions of their stockpiles, which will result in more resources being available.
  • Are the DEVs planning any major changes in industry, ship balance, structure balance, etc?
    – One ship becoming more popular than another can also affect material markets. Likewise, some structures becoming more/less powerful than before can result in people building/selling stuff.

To summarize: Keep your ear to the ground and make friends… lots of friends… especially those who make decisions or know people who make decisions.
The rest of it is simply experience.

My advice is to start small. Figure out the needs of a certain area and try to “fill in the gap.” As time goes by and you gain more capital, extend yourself into other markets and learn more.
The whole thing is a process.

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Like RL just keep your ears close to the ground about what is getting nerfed and what is getting buffed. Watch podcasts like Talking In Stations and The Meta Show to follow trends and what is happening.
Most importantly, stay classy.

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