Forge PLEX buyers at 4.1 Mil ISK, above Brisc Rubal's 3.5 'Bad Things' point. How (if) does it matter?

So, from what I can see Buys in Forge on PLEX are hovering at 4.1 Mil ISK each ( Cluster wide view is somewhat spread still ).

Latest CSM meeting minutes, from Feb 18 to 21

So we dig into the economy section here, specifically on PLEX, and larger market systemic ramifications (e.g., botting is why we can’t have nice things). From the minutes,

"Brisc Rubal asks what tools apart from sales CCP has to reduce the PLEX value. CCP Goodfella asks if they consider rising PLEX prices to be an issue and the CSM says very much think it is. Sort Dragon mentions that this situation is forcing a creep that players can’t keep up with. Brisc Rubal says that 3.5mill per PLEX will be a mark where bad things start happening. The CSM says that there are many factors at play here. One of them is the steady increase of prices that incentivize players to hold PLEX until they can turn it into a profit, instead of directly injecting it back into the market.

There are additional real-life factors that make people shift from a subscription to PLEX and make them not purchase more PLEX from CCP. Then there are a lot of people who are sitting on PLEX and never dump it on the market but rather wait for the prices to hit a peak before they will dump a small portion of their total amount."

At 4.1 Mil per PLEX, it looks like the start of a climb and drop. PLEX speculators are seeking a target around 4.35 (Higher than 5 flat if it goes full Tulip) Mil ISK on the buy side if I had to guess, before they start dropping some inventory and milking the market, to keep ahead of ‘Botflation’ of ISK (Brought up at the start of the economic section of the minutes).

There is also monthly login numbers of Omegas back down to their pre Alpha bump (Omega accounts saw a bump, as Alphas using it as a trial converted over), and the pressures on Alpha accounts that PLEX over subscribe, coming into play.

There much market opinion on this all as far as a new trend? Or just 'Markets go up, markets go down. Bulls and Bears make money, pigs get slaughtered."

PLEX data as seen via Eve Marketer

5% Weighted Average Median Volume
Selling 4.16 M ISK 13.14 M ISK 4.50 M ISK 627,395
Buying 4.06 M ISK 3.55 M ISK 3.70 M ISK 2,039,217
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The world is ending in twelve years from global warming.

this belongs with the plex megathread @ISD_Buldath

Anecdotal but I haven’t paid for Eve (because I used plex) for about 9 or 10 years (I been around 14 years now!!)…

Recently returned after a 4 year break, plexed for a few months but will probably just buy a sub after that since it now eats into my play money a bit more than I’d like.

So perhaps hordes of others will return to paying a monthly sub? … perhaps - either way I don’t think it’ll be curtains for the game or CCP.

Can you link that thread?

New to the game and would rather see plex at around 6 to 8 mil isk

Re “CCP Zeuss asks about gifting option through the website where you can gift not only services but also
virtual currency. CSM love the idea.”

I would really like to have access to this gifting from inside my account.


Tons of info on this already, plus, Plex down almost 200,000 across all regions in the last 2 days. Profit taking has begin and the Plex selloff is in progress.

Very nice post, sent u an in game mail in regards.

What about Brisc?

Brisc gets banned for leaking market info, plex immediately slumps. Combine this with the quoted CSM minutes regarding plex.

As I have said before CCP has many options to re arrange its income, (ccp does not care about in game markets such as plex, they have no staffed department managing this anymore.)

All changes to plex will be a result of real $ 1/4 to 1/4 decreasing revenue. If revenue is not effected by high Plex price then CCP will simply not invest the time to look at player concerns. Revenue may even be going up as a result of high plex price.

As plex rises whales and mega whales may be attracted to spend large $ to gain vast in game wealth. Such whales can cover the loss of several 1000 scrub players struggling to make omega plex each month. They are actually preferable as they put less strain on server and all other CCP departments.

Forcing plexr’s to pay a nominal $ fee for using Plex will increase CCP revenue while taming plex price. A bonus to this is that it deters irl poor omega botters and IS boxers. Plus CCP get to charge for the same service twice so its raw profit. Without knowing CCP’s income it would be hard to set a price, a couple of buck a plex or maybe just a flat yearly fee of $10 to $20 per account for plex access?

Another option to reduce plex price would be to simply convert it into game time. This would reduce plex hoarding by players such as myself who have decades of plex saved up. Highly unlikely as this would hamper NEX sales.

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