Forged Citizens - Recruiting Miners and Indy Players

Forged Citizens is an Indy-Corp with ties to a larger Hi-Sec Alliance looking to increase our members. Our primary operations are within Amarr Empire Hi-Sec space located close to major trade hubs.

We are pleased to offer new members the following benefits:

  • Alliance Support with Voice Comms
  • Protection from War Dec’s
  • Orca Boosted Mining Operations
  • Moon Ops: Including ABC Ores

Recruits will have the option to move from the recruitment corp into the Alliance after some time if desired. The alliance holds all of our structures so there is no danger of war dec’s and plenty of ores to mine.

In game chat channel is: Forged Citizens Recruitment

We look forward to seeing you! Fly safe o7

Still recruiting!!

We are still recruiting Miners and Indy players into Forged Citizens!

Hey there guys,
We are a wormhole corp that likes to set up Joint-Operations with other groups. If you would be interested in joining us on Fleet; go ahead and reach out anytime it’s convenient for you!

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty

We are still recruiting miners and indy players! Our numbers are growing and we are pushing hard to get more citizens! Give us a shout in our in game recruitment channel: Forged Citizens Recruitment

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