Form Log out

Where is the log out option for eve forms ? I have to clear all my cookies??? Sounds like a Tracking tool for CCp? If Log out button?




the complot theory strikes again, when the fact is that you are not able to click on your portrait => your name => log out


so instead of accusing CCP to track you, you could spend less time on playing video games and more on learning proper english?

Oh I like both of you guys. It saves me the trouble of writing the same thing.

“lf”(LF) is a common acronym/abbreviation for “looking for” in many MMOs. Just saying.

LF should not be used in lower case letters with a sans-serif font, since it is easily misunderstood due to l and I appearing identically in such fonts. Especially right after sentence closing punctuation that would suggest the first letter of the new sentence is a capital by default - and until then, the OP had used proper case at the start of each sentence.