Forming a new corp, a very interesting task

Fair point and grounds for another debate about de-centralization of EvE big entities. Would be better more smaller corporation/alliances instead of fewer huge blocks? I don’t claim to have the answer for that, but smallish corps can also participate in big alliances and coalitions. Can alliances and coalitions also be formed by small corporations? It could only make them more departmentalized, perhaps more flexible. <<<< Digress.

Our goal, anyway is to grow. To break the routine, to open new paths.

Captain Flint, “Nobody will believe it’s possible until we show them. But when that day comes, you know what they’ll say? They’ll say that it was inevitable.”

More indians wanted.

This is a sandbox which also applies to player choice regarding corps, small hisec corp, large null coalition, renter null corp, npc corp, wh corp, whatever, there is no best, there is player choice and what is best for an individual. Of course sometimes a person will make a bad call and choose a corp that does not fit his/her style, but then they can just switch corp whenever they want with little to no difficulties in relocating. At least that is how I see it.

Btw I still don’t really see what this specific corp is about. I mention this so you might think of better communicating your goals and requirements, thus achieving better success at attracting people.

Based on your war history you both 'dec and are being decced, yet no results whatsoever so far when it comes to kills… or even being killed so it seems you are not really participating in PvP. Yet you seem to express you are about building a small but fearsome PvP gang.

Can’t say much about mining, industry and PvE based on that info and didn’t bother to dig deeper but I have the feeling not much activity there either, though this is just speculation.

Finally your in-game corp description doesn’t help matters either. A fancy quote from a book is good but only that does not help people understand what you are about and as such will deter many people who might join you if you better expressed yourself.

Just thought I drop in some useful feedback, hope it does not come off as an attack as that is not my intention.

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I appreciate your comments. I think you are right about the speculation and the in-definition of the corp so far, or, at least, the lack of focus in a particular field. The point originally was to build a corp and share here in the forums all the processes and stages involved in such. Including finding members, accommodating them, finding an identity and so on. I may answer with a question here: A corporation has to limit to one activity only? So the identity of the corp cannot be defined by “industrial corp” or “pvp corp” as a corporation needs both, an economy channel and a defense branch. So the “personalty” of the corporation is not defined by the spectrum -or scope- of its members activities.

Also the goal is not to build something small, quite the contrary, but to build something solid we have to get realistic on where we are and consolidate the steps before proceed on. So for now we are small but we are finding the right people.

Trying, failing, learning, trying again until finding the way seems a good way to go. Dealing with people is not always easy, so no shame here. This can be mistaken for indecisiveness or lack of target. I prefer to see it as adaptability.

For now there are some goals that were in my mind from the beginning that are being accomplished:

*While small, we are a mature group getting along and finding fun in developing the project.
*We are looking to the future. What we want instead of what we have or what we cannot have.
*We are moving to null security space. No rents. We are sov holders, having a chance to left our mark.
*Essentially we understand PvP is the means to hold any sovereignty and, more, we want to do it not just for need but for the sport of it.
*We having projects -big projects- with real players -no dreams- to develop a profitable industry.

So I think we are slowly finding our way and sometimes is the way that has to find us.

Perhaps the book quotes are better for character bios and not corporation descriptions. I take good note of all your observations and appreciate you contacted us. I hope I have answered some of your comments.

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A corp usually has to have some of all or most fields, especially industry and at least one other. What I meant is based on my observation you neither do much PvP (based on war reports) nor industry or other (based mostly on speculation). None of what I wrote meant to imply you have to focus on one or another.

Some corps may limit themselves to one or a few fields and erither exclude PvP if they are an industry corp for example (and may have PvE stuff too) or can be focused on PvP (with or without some industry going on). Some alliance member corps have a sole function while other corps handle other functions, but that is because they are part of a bigger structure and it might be simpler to handle their activities if they only focus on one thing.

Also corps might even change, extend, shrink or mix their fields of activities over time. What I meant instead is you do not clearly communicate what you are about (which you still can do if you over time change your activities, you can edit the corp bio any time to reflect any such chage) thus you severly limit the people who might want to join you as they don’t clearly see if the corp is a good fit for them or not and might not bother asking to make sure.

As for the quote, as I wrote on its own it is not a bad thing, it can add both flavor and atmosphere to a corp bio, but if that is the only thing there it is not enough info, I rather wanted to call your attention to the lack of other info than to put the “blame” on the quote. The quote is good but add other info too on top of it is what I recommended.

Some of your suggestions will be implemented. They may help. As for the war reports, kill-boards, and other milestones, just give us more time to improve those areas too. I am aware we are still far from ideal but I never expected every success would come first month of work. Not even first year for the important breakthroughs.

Most of these things you describe of a corporation sound to me like a formed and consolidated one should function, while ours is in a much more young state in which gathering the key members, shaping the organs, helping the creature to start breathing and digesting has to come before productivity considerations and has to take its time to occur.

Do I aim to construct a creature so weak that my personal lead determines what it can achieve? No, I don’t. My aspiration is being devoured by my own monster. Time will tell.

Join us, we can make good use of a man of your talent.

Thanks for the offer but I already have my own corp but furthermore don’t have the time nor the willingness to dedicate myself so much as to go under obligations that I have to fulfill (I just sign in whenever I have the time and in the mood and do whatever I want for as short or long as I want to then sign off, I play very casually) thus why I prefer to be a lone wolf (and the reason why I have an open corp instead where other similar people can join if they feel could benefit from the virtually no tax, while also having the corp to be the public image of my giveaways, guides, Steam group and other community activities).

Good luck on your journey and keep us updated here on the forums too so we can see how you progress towards achieving your goal, it is interesting to have real-time experience of it.

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Hey, are you still looking for members ?

I am a returning player, haven’t played much since my last corp disbanded, i am interested in helping a newer corp and facing the challenges that hold’s.

Hey guys, sorry for me to take three days to replay. This has been a long weekend and we have finally moved to a nullsec system into an alliance. So, first off, Kainan, yes, we are still in need of good players. If you are still there, please, send ma a mail in game and we will have a chat. We still need good players.

Now the general picture looks like a war zone. So the game we are playing now is one of every move been checked before executed.

We are ratting and it is very profitable. For about zero point five effort you can get 60+ million per hour with a basic VNI fit. Only you cannot AFK. We are starting to learn now the best systems for that work.

Also we are having all kinds of PvP. We are in the middle of a conflict with one of those enemies that lean on numbers and tend to be very vulnerable when in small packs. So in that regard lots of action.

The rest of the areas are still being planned these days. As I said these are being very busy days.

I will come with more often updates along this week as the busiest part of the move is already done.

Thank you.

Nothing new, we are still here, getting a bit more selective in the recruitment process, to be honest. We are not getting the desired results with impatient players that don’t seem to believe me when I said “this is a new corp, everything is starting up”. So let me insist on this: THIS IS A NEW CORP, EVERYTHING IS STARTING UP.

This been said, in a month of activity we managed to recruit well over twelve players which was the original mark. Unfortunately not all of them decided to stay or were fit for the task. We were recruiting at same rate as they leaved but the quality of the players in corp got better and better. For the records, at this point we are about 7 players well committed.

We joined an alliance that belongs to a coalition is been said as the strongest emergent power in New Eden and we are settling in nullsec systems where members can profit and develop industry.

It is been an exhausting month but I think I can proudly say we rate above failure.

This forum has been so far the best tool to make contact with the best players we recruited so far. Lets hope for more growth and consolidate this successful first month with more players wanting to help us.

The applications in game are closed as lot of trolls and spies used that door to waste our time as theirs is already wasted. So best way to initiate a contact is to send me a mail in game and I will come back to you soon enough.

This is all for now. Thank you.

Only read you OP so sorry if there is repetition but imho, the backbone of any good corp is a strong community feel (be that from 3-300 members) which in turn brings the most important skill you can’t train in EvE… “trust”.

1 tip I will not shift on (and I’m lucky as a recruiter/diplo and not CEO so final risk is not with me) is to segregate assets… something I implemented as it is really the only way to recruit safely for small Corps. APIs… interviews… KBs… they are all ■■■■ imo. Yes they give you a starting block but are actually not much more than that. Keep your (your Corp’s) assets safe and recruit on “feel”. Give those that you eventually trust access and keep a lower level hanger for those you don’t.

If people get shitty about not having access then ■■■■ em. Recruiting at small size Corps (of which ours is) is a simple game of risk vs growth. Find your balance and stick with it.


Meaning that now is a good moment to hire in miners and planetary commanders, PvEers. Prosperity is ahead of us.

That is not how it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how it works…


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Haha, yes.

And don’t ever forget the highsec wardecks (like I did today going Jita for candy).

Yup best to use neut npc corp alts to haul to/from hubs, especially Jita, they see you and deck you just in case you or a corp mate returns. :slightly_smiling_face:

But hey that’s why I have a thief alt there, that place is fun, not just because of the ISK you can make but because of “the wretched hive of scum and villainy” thing as well. :smiling_imp:

I run corporation creation services, alliance creation services and am currently looking to dabble in consultancy. I’ve been a directer, recruiter and logistics officer within most of the corporations i’ve been a member of and I have no interest in running the show. I’ll drop a link below to my services, you’re welcome to join my discord or mail me, i’d be happy to help you guys get an effective model off the ground and keep it there.

Best of luck.

At this point isk is one of the attractive features we can offer for joining our corporation. Even for semi-starter players we have abundant anomalies spawning and re-spawning constantly that yield from 35 million up per hour with minimal effort and insignificant risk.
Miners can also harvest the ABC ores. The rarest minerals they can courier directly to the hottest markets of New Eden. Virginal and rich planets for PI, Ice, Moon substances and goos, boosted all with Rorqual bonuses and all the top features the best professionals could have.

Still recruiting. We need greedy players wanting to become rich.

The second part of this post should be about keeping a corporation alive and preventing it to die day by day. It makes me feel like I am selling/promoting EvE online. The features I offer, the things we do in corp… is all a description of the game possibilities and how fun it will be if you play it. What we do? we play EvE. Do you like to play EvE? Then play it with us. Thats a good brief of how a true recruitment advert should go. We mine, we shoot at hostiles… did you expect something else?

We are officially seven players. Really only three are semi-granted daily real EvE players. We can expand our game, we are in the right place, with the right support, but we need more hands.

Thank you.

Recruiting all kinds of players, PvP, PvE, Industrialists, Miners, Diplomats, JF, et cetera.

Null sec.

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