Forum badges for ISK exchange

How and were can these be traded for ISK?

If not, perhaps an idea to display them on ship


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The badges are completely useless. They are given to you if you want them or not, and simply by using the forum.

Why would you want to buy them?

Decorations to hang on the wall in CQ

Or if possible to display on ship

He wants to melt them with lizard beams so he can reprocess them into janitors so he can build his palatine keepstar. :open_mouth:

Not against the EULA

Two things, first, there is no CQ anymore, second, this forum is not connected to the EvE client and New Eden at all, except it uses your name and picture.

The Captains Quarters is no longer in the game, it’s a shame CCP removed it, mainly because they can’t program any meaningful game play content for it.

Hell, they’re barely keeping the spaceships flying.

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I think he means he wants to sell them, actually.

Also, downvote.

Oddly, if the OP really wants some sort of badge in game, it is possible.

Just make a corporation, use the Decorations tool to design medals that look somewhat like the forum badges, name them whatever, and then award yourself bucketloads like a tinpot dictator of the early 70s.

For additional fun, get people to join your corp for the badges and scam them for lots of isk, since they will be the sort of gullible mark that falls for this.

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