Forum looks like something from 1994

Why has the forum gone back in looks? It looks like something from the late when these things were first created. Reminds me of a wow guild I was in…don’t judge me!

Or has too many people used reddit and think that the unreadable unfollowable mess is sensible?


I like things made in 1994

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Specialy FEMALES :slight_smile:


I’m from 75 and my female is from 1992 so I’m happy with that. :wink:


This is called web 2.0 forum, a new generation forum so to speak. It has its places but it’s not ideal for Eve forum.

I agree, like the early webpages that attempted to make everything out of tables.

If you look at the old forums, which were professionally made, the multitude of content is separated by solid borderless rectangles of different shades in the background. This acheives the demarcation of the various forum elements without having a page full of high contrast border lines burning people’s retinas.

The new forums attempted to avoid a lot of high contrast border lines, but they failed to demarcate the content with those discretely shaded borderless rectangles. What we have here is a mess of text barely separated by thin horizontal lines and completely devoid of the warmer orange colors that better help visual comprehension of the UI layout.

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I was 6

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I wouldn’t have that much criticism for the new design if not for the too big like/link/… and reply buttons at the bottom of each post. Lots of room lost. Maybe also reduce the width of the vertical timeline. Anyway, the rest of the design choices is not that bad. Don’t really care as long as it’s ergonomic.

What theme are you using, are you running on the original or have you switched to the wide screen view?

Well, there’s always Reddit!

No idea, looks horrid on both a wide screen and non wide screen.


awesome new forum, viva la 90’s