Forum Time/PC Time Bug

Hello! I don’t usually post outside OOPE, but I think I might’ve found a forum bug.

My PC has Windows 10 installed and I don’t have the system time synchronized automatically, for reasons I don’t remember. Every now and then I set it to the current internet time manually, by hand. I haven’t synchronized it in a few months and the time on my PC is 9 minutes ahead of EVE forum’s clock.

EVE’s modified version of Discourse allows the users to edit their newly posted post within around 10 minutes before it shows the edited icon on the top right of the post.

The point I’m trying to make here is: it is not exactly a bug, but whenever I post something, it shows as posted 9 minutes ago and when I edit right after seeing a typo, I get an edited icon next to my post. It doesn’t affect my forum experience even a little, however I would like to know if this is an intended feature?

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