Found a database but can't target it.,?

I only put in an hour or so each day, just before server shut down. I have done the tutorials and am 1/2 through SoE arch, and decided to practice mining exploring for a few days. Mining ok but boring as… Exploring in my Heron interesting. Lost a couple, found lots of combat sites and lots of wormholes. Finely found and scanned down a data site in a lvl6 system. A serpentis regional database. I can warp to it. Glide to a couple of meters but can not target it to try to hack it.
Any advise on why or what I need to do so I can come back and work it???

Screenshot would have made it easier to troubleshoot than relying on words.

“serpentis regional database” gives nothing in google. Give us a screenshot or use the correct name

I assume it is a data or a relic site. In that site there will be containers. they show up on your overview as small squares with a line through them, you need to use a data or relic analyser on those squares in order to play the mini game, if you succeed the can opens and you can take the contents (not all cans have contents)

Sorry. I was putting this up via my phone app from memory.
Is actually “SLQ-896 Regional Serpentis Data Fortress”.
I did not put screen shot onto phone either. I thought it would give enough info for readers to get to the site and clear it out before me. But it’s gone now. It showed up as red if that helps.

Yeah a data site so you need a data analyser and you need to hack the cans

Have that. Problem was I could see it but not on the overview nor could I click on it to target it.
Real unsettling. Almost “was I imagining it”

sounds like your overview may not be set up correctly, i cannot remember what option needs to be ticked.

Thanks. I will see if I can find on eve university.
I was worried red sites might need higher level skills to see and target in overview.

not sure what you mean by red sites?

This may help, old but you can see the cans on the overview, in space if you right click the can it will say add x to overview. -

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