FPS Drops With Gate Jumps / Cynos





BUMP. Any updates on this im experiencing this after not playing for 6 months and updating the client…

@CCP_Fleebix help please

for me it’s even worse
from undocking to taking gates, loading npc’s whatever I do my game freezes anywhere between 5-60 seconds then it suddenly catches up and goes back to a (capped) 60fps
Tried everything from gpu driver re-install, deleting caches and logs, but nothing really works.
I always had a little lag when undocking but this usually was gone within the second now it takes forever. Last night I almost died because my invuln timer on a gate ran out before I could even select a new warp.
It’s made my game on the brink of being unplayable.
Also just updated a market order, the game lagged and it added a zero to the order draining my market alts account of all available isk. Yeah I should have never resubbed to this game because these issue’s has been going on for months apperantly and zero fixes. Guess I’m about to really win EvE at least.

Do you, perhaps, run eve in compatibility mode? Or maybe you play eve via steam which is running in compatibility mode? If so - disable it, it fixed this issue for me.

This is the exact same thing that happens to me. I receieved correspondence from CCP and this is what it said

"In the last major patch, we deployed an update to the reflection system in EVE which caused the drop in FPS you experienced. In the patch on the 22. we introduced a fix for those adversely affected by that change and some users saw an improvement but not a complete return to the old FPS.

The graphics of EVE Online are constantly improving and those that are already playing on the lowest setting will see lower and lower FPS in each such update. To hopefully get close to the old FPS, check the ‘Reflection’ settings in your ‘Display & Graphics’ options and lower it if you can and see if the FPS improves.

Hopefully your FPS will improve by lowering your settings but if the issue persists, I will need a bit more information about your computer to help you troubleshoot this issue. This information can be provided through a DxDiag report."

Seems that this is an issue on CCP’s side and not our clients. Standing by… @CCP_Fleebix

that being said im not looking for a “turn your graphics down” resolution. I’m looking for an actual fix to the problems CCP created in the last patch. Thanks! @CCP_Fleebix

Can confirm I am having these FPS drops/freezes.
It is actually giving me headaches.
Desperately need a fix.

Got same issue. It doesn’t look like a graphics but network issue.

Make sure both eve exefile.exe and launcher are not running in compatibility mode. Uncheck compatibility in file properties in compatibility tab. This resolved exact same issue as yours. o7


I see this when 500+ people fighting

Not running in compatibility modes and I disabled all eye candy, my system can handle medium to high settings and the problem stays the same no matter what I try. My ISP even fixed a small upstream issue on my internet connection. Not having any issue’s in any other (online) games except EvE online. Not sure what to try anymore except for a clean OS and EvE reinstall but I need to find the time to do that since this would mean a big downtime on my PC. (Due to re-install of Music production software and plugins that makes my reinstall time days instead of hours)

It’s much better today, I have stable fps with maximum graphics settings. Thank you very much CCP !

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