FPS Drops With Gate Jumps / Cynos

Thanks for the poke, I’ll further your poke to a techie.

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same problem with fps here. starting combat, going/undocking from station, jumping through gates. this problem appeared with the latest update. switching from dx11 to dx9 kinda solves this problem

This is happening to me. Undocking, jumping gates and bigger fleets framerates drops.

Ok first thing to check;
Turn this on in your launcher settings;

(Download the full EVE Game client).

Then make sure to enable DX11.

We’re also monitoring this on our end, but these 2 steps are known to fix fps problems in certain setups.

My system is running DX12. Download full EVE game client is ticked.

Still framerate issues

Had un-installed EVE and re-installed a few days back. My in game settings, overview etc once re-installed had remained and I still had the FPS issues.

I un-installed and re-installed again but onto a different hard drive. This time my in-game settings didn’t save and reverted back to original. My FPS issues have resolved.


I appreciate the first reply to this thread from a CCP delegate 7 months + after the OP post.

The reply however is really underwhelmingly basic in comparison to the level of detail in the OP post which has been kept updated so that any CCP delegate that does stumble across this thread doesn’t need to trawl through lots of posts.

To make things easier for whoever picks this up @ the tech room.
The following should save them a lot of time.
The most important pieces of evidence that I have found which, which imo is critical, is how 3 rendered clients on the same rig behave when the issues occur.
Straight from the OP post

Bonus Information
I’ve established that the fault is client related.
I can have 3 clients rendering at once (windowed mode). Lets call them A, B & C.
I can recreate the bug on client A, e.g. join a 30 man gang and jump through a few gates with fleet.
When the bug is recreated, client A freezes / stutters etc.
However client B & C remain unaffected.
I can also recreate the bug on client B and client A & C remain uneffected etc. eetc.

This categorically confirms the fault is client based, and not hardware based.

Hi @Hashure, the information from OP was delivered to the tech team when I posted my previous post, but thanks for the heads up.

@CCP_Fleebix looking forward to the response and fix.
Any idea on potential lead time?

Sorry mate, nothing I can say concrete timewise but I can confirm this is being looked at.

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Another 7 months here we go ! …

Yeah I am getting this as well, it’s getting very annoying, definitely delaying gate jumps, its like stuttering through the gate warp animation. Have no other issues, WH jumping seems fine for example.

same problem in fleet warp. when fleet gatecloak breake alltogether and entering warp i have 1sec freeze then some secs 60fps and then 1sec freeze… so 2-3 times in row. when in warp everything is ok again.

Are you running on a fresh install of Windows 11?

I had exactly the same problem. Upgrade from Win10 => W11. Everything was fine. After installing a fresh copy of W11 directly without installing W10 before … and EVE was unplayable. After reinstalling W10 everything is working again. Maybe this helps you.

My post:

I’m having the same issue for maybe 2 weeks. I’m on W10, not W11 and nothing has change in my setup since.