Free 20mil/hr isk in here

Mott: Be Alpha

Those who are great, were often great at the basics. – U.S. Grant

Looking for a corp that will have you competitive with Omega clones while flying around in a 1mil-isk boat?

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No loyalty requirements, no gimmicks, just techniques that work.

Why is it free to you? I want Alphas to compete easily with Omegas for all accessible content. Because it’s fun how bum-hurt Omegas get about it.

I hate to say it but I’d like to help you get over 20mil/hr mark. Seriously as an Alpha you should be making more then that

Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.

I don’t like to over advertise or exaggerate. The 20mil is unimportant, new players, etc., will grab on to it because it’s a nice benchmark and for them it’s very achievable.

I’m not advertising to Omegas lol.


Be Alpha

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