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Player Punished By Americans For Exercising Free Speech Against China

I found this article interesting. It’s almost as if to imply that China has somehow found a way to utilize a mere game to exert it’s political will here, in the REAL world. I suppose you could say that the streaming wasn’t actually a part of the game. But to say that would require a very comprehensive definition of what is and is not in that game.

To me, it seems like “in-game” is no longer a safe space for people to play if they also hold and express unpopular or controversial opinions. I wonder if something like that could happen here. What if China or some other nation made it a priority to silence dissent in EVE Online or . . . I suppose they could even extend that strategy to somewhere like Facebook or Twitter. And I wonder how much influence they could actually exert with this weird, hybrid economic-cyber-social . . . attack.

It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but China seems to have taken away Mr. blitzchung’s pen. They also did it recently with the two basketball fans being kicked out of a 76er’s game in Philadelphia (ironically). And the General Manager of the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team was also made quiet recently after making a pro-Hong Kong tweet.
This is happening in America; China is censoring us, here, in the free world. Isn’t it amazing?!

您 猿 必须 唤醒.

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So a game streaming site doesn’t want their platform used for political activity…not seeing a problem…


It really isn’t.

It was a nice dream, though.

How ironic. This is EvE. No place is safe to play.

And even if you do include your qualification …

Like CODE. who think success is flying into a system and seeing miners dock-up? Or objectors to the null sec blackout who thought the game was broken because they flew into systems and found the miners had stayed docked-up?

And when it comes to controversy, don’t even get started on the topic of the CSM. Oy vey !

您 猿 必须 唤醒.


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