Free stuff

Hi all ,

My brothers nephew friends sisters great grandmothers other friends younger siblings grand son who is friends with a really rich dude that plays eve is Quitting, send me any ISK and i will put out word in the grape vine to have you hooked up with double the ISK back.

Hurry and send to me before time runs out!!!

**Disclaimer: Please wait at least 7-10 weeks before you claim its a scam, isk can only be doubled one time, please make sure you use the hidden reason , must round up, last but not least the isk will only be returned on the end of the month with two blue moons after the second coming and or 1 day past the apocalypse.


Lame troll attempt.

ISK sent. Waiting patiently.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Closed due to spam.

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