Free Weekend with max Skills

Quick and dirty:

Some games have free weekends every now and then.
Why not EVE?
Once per quarter, from Downtime, Friday, to Downtime, Monday, every character / account gets 3 days of free Omega Playtime aswell as an expert System that unlocks every skill in the game, minus those that would lead to abuse in industry / PI and similiar things.

On Monday, downtime, all the expert systems expire, and people are back to normal. Or stuck in supers somewhere in space for comedy purposes.

Try the test server.

You can get everything there for pretty much free at any time and the injectors to fly those things aren’t hard to come by either.

Incentive is not to try things, the incentive is to get people to log in.
To do things they might not have the chance to, normally.
To do stupid things, too.

It wouldn’t bring me back.

A free region-wide cloaky camping campaign of completely unknown characters would make quite a lot of people log out, I guess.

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What exactly?
What would you do? and how would it affect the game world after this weekend?

I’d tell my friends, all of which have stopped playing 5 years and more ago, and maybe some of them would hop into EVE for an evening and we would do whatever we feel like. Most likely getting wrecked at the first lowsec gate.

Any maybe others would do something similiar, and maybe some of those looking back in for a weekend will look back in on the next, not-free, regular weekend.

Adaption of the OP:

If an expert system provides skills that are usually only accessible to omega clones overrides the necessity to having omega status for these very skills, than the part about ‘free omega weekend’ could be dropped.

Which would still allow everyone to fly everything, while keeping away access from Trading skills, Industry Skills and PI skills, while still being limited to multiboxing by having a paid subscription going or not.

Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Now, back to the propsect of the idea:

Giving a ‘Free’ Weekend with access to every ship has the potential to make

  • New players interested in EVE log in (I do see the part of lacking ISK here to actually make use)
  • New players INVITED BY VET FRIENDS try the game, where the Vet friends could in fact hand them free ships to use and bring them out into the game and showing them the ‘This is EVE’ expierience
  • Vets log in and do things that would usually not play EVE anymore
  • Active players to try things they are currently unable to do for SP reasons
  • Corps / Alliances / Coalitions to do events where everyone can take part regardless of SP, including but not limited to massive mining ops, dreadbombs, stealthbomber fleets, etc. etc.

There’s plenty of people that would probably try using it for cloaky camping as someone suggested, or for finding targets for their blackops. Hint: Everyone can fly blackops that day :wink:

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