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freedom builders inc

Looking for a new corp?
—> Join Freedom Builder Inc.

We are part of a great alliance called No Visual.

no visual

That is well established in the Geminate / Vale of the Silent region.

FBI is a 0.0 Mining / Manufacturing Corporation with more than a decade of history and experience. We are looking to add team mates to our growing community.

Everyone that joins will have access to mining ops, and a large industry infrastructure in Null sec Sov space.
We encourage all styles of play as long as PVP is included on your list for Alliance / Coalition ops.
We are a full member of the WC Coalition.

What’s offered:

≡v≡ Members in USTZ with a growing EU and AUTZ
≡v≡ Sov space in the Geminate / Vale of the Silent region, a Very short travel to Jita,
≡v≡ Enough Mining content to meet you’re needs.
≡v≡ Operational freedom to do what pleases our members
≡v≡ Standing fleet in all TZs
≡v≡ Access to Alliance structures and space for ratting / Pi’s.
≡v≡ Access to Jump bridge networks for quick travel to all markets.
≡v≡ Discord, Mumble, buyback programs.
≡v≡ Large fleets with Alliance and Coalition
≡v≡ High end moons available for you’re needs.
≡v≡ Plenty to do to keep your eve life fun and exciting!

What’s expected:

≡v≡ Pilots capable of prospering in Null Sec
≡v≡ Members who are aware and are willing to work together.
≡v≡ Corps with strong leadership and a tight knit group with a minimum of 5 actives in their ranks.
≡v≡ A aligned culture and as we do value Mining above all else, we welcome every type of Member as long as our strategic goals are in the same scope.

“We want Members who want to work together to attain these goals.”

                           **Are You Interested?** 

≡v≡ Please Join our in-game recruitment channel * -FBI- Public *
≡v≡ Simply ask questions here one of our Recruiters/Directors will help you out

Still looking

we like to have people join

Bump Restart Weekend

looking for some more miners to have fun with

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