Freedom of Speech Used to be a Thing

Have you ever asked yourselves why CCP is so afraid of people expressing themselves in the forums?

“Civil liberties. Iceland’s constitution guarantees freedom of speech and of the press. Iceland has full Internet freedom , academic freedom , freedom of assembly and association, and freedom of religion. … Iceland accepts refugees; forced exile is illegal.” ???

This thread will probably prove me right by being locked in a matter of minutes.

Yeah, Iceland does. However CCP isn’t Iceland. They can enforce on their forums whatever they want, just like Twitter, Google, Amazon, Steam and whomever else can enforce on their platforms whatever they want.

CCP isn’t obligated to publish your opinion.

I say they have too much freedom


You missed the whole point and didn’t answer the ONLY question…

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CCP can be a bit of a troll, they created a game where they get to control the enviroment inside it. Like most people who get this power, they tend to curb the freedoms or entitlements. This is to control the sheep… we are animals after all. Animals misbehave… and in any society or pack, club, herd, town, they all have their own sets of rules, policies, and laws.

Its important to be able to properly identify the differences here, because one may think, ahh, its the Internet, I have freedome of speach and can say, whatever the hell I want.

I may or may not agree with this, and I think tbh that is beside the point. The point is, we should just follow the rules. Eve is not reality. Its a simulated reality. We must keep things in perspective.

No one can prevent one from saying what is on their mind. I do think there is a proper place and time for that. A business, which is controlling the environment for its users whille THEY have an experience they pay for, will find it reasonable to curb some freedoms just to keep the flock of sheep in line.


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