Freighter change idea - Panic Button

Yeah, here in the forum. Almost an endless number of threads on freighters needing more tools and/or ganking needing to be nerfed, when the current set of tools to counter the risk of a gank aren’t being used.

The lazy show no bounds in wanting an easier way to haul.

I had always thought the problems were greed and boredom.

So what sort of laziness are you referring to?

To ask even one other person to assist, or use an alt of their own.

They’d rather overload the value of their cargo (ie. greed) and/or fly through busy systems solo without any sort of intel; and then come moan about their loss and how unfair it is.

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Nope, just get some of your corp to run point, check the systems ahead, whatever that warp trick is, apply remote reps, the usual stuff that haulers do to avoid ganks.

My main point was, stop complaining that its easy for gank gangs to put together 20 people, but then cry that you have to face these gank gangs solo, and you have no ability to be safe as a solo freighter.

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Sorry, I just don’t see getting 20 people to protect a hauler to be equivalent in ease to getting 20 to participate in a gank. One is likely to get a “hell yeah” and the other a “what have you done for me lately?”

To be fair, you don’t need to focus fire against gankers. Their tank is very thin, everyone can split guns.

Or you take out the bumper. That’s one target.

At the end of the day, Anti-gankers have had some success. So it’s clearly possible.

But whos fault is that?

Clearly? I certainly would not go that far without being able to cite 5 clear examples.

But we need to put this in clear terms or we have a back and forth about nothing:

  1. How many anti-gankers in T2 or less ships could prevent the gank of a triple T2 reinforced bulkhead fit Obelisk on AP 7 km from a gate by 45 catalysts, assuming all the cats are outlaw, warped directly onto the target and the anti-gankers were just 10 seconds behind the cats?

OR 2) , how many T1 ships of what throwaway type to take down a Machariel doing the bumping?

OR 3) how many ships of any type less than T3 targeting both bumper and gank ships?

Well, I tell you what. I have no answers and I cannot be bothered with the math. Why? The payout isn’t enough for me.

Not stopping the gank but stealing the loot might have the payout though since not only do I get paid but the gankers don’t.

Ultimately, CCP`s. This is why there is a constant debate about new features and tools…because CCP can make the impossible possible and the boring exciting.

Still trolling? You will just get a second ban, that’s right, we know you are @Ridley_Rohan ban evader.

You dont need 20, just a handful and they will make you un-gankable.
My point still stands, dont complain about 20 people blowing up your ship, if you are refusing to get assistance from friends/corp to protect that ship.

Well then you need better friends/corp.

Same questions to you as Daichi. “Handful” is a not a very useful term. Give us a number.

Refusing to get help? That’s stood everything on its head. The refusal is to provide help. You can ask. It doesn’t mean you will get it.

Yeah, because it never depends on time zones, other ops going on, people’s current location, etc. You just either have a good friends or a good corp or you don’t.

I sure wish there was a “no kill board” with all the fail gank details there. It sure would help. Even if Zkillboard would just post why a ship went flashy red it would be a big help, for example “illegal aggression to Ark”. That info should be available. Such as it is we have clear info when a gank succeeds, but when it fails there are information gaps.

I feel like maybe I should hang out in Uedama and count the gank attempt to gank success/failure ratio on freighters and try note why the ganks failed. I would love to see some freighter ganks fail due to escort protection.


Freighter and 1 other.

Recommended other ship to stop the 45 gankers in cats?

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Rapier, Huginn or Loki.

And this ship does what exactly? Activate the death blossom module?

If you don’t know all of this why the strong opinions?

This is the second time you are posting garbage when you don’t even know how to play.


If you know all of this why aren’t you posting answers?

It was YOU that said the solo frieghter pilot against 20 needed FRIENDS with an “s” right? A scout and a webber. Well now its 45 and Scipio says ONE friend.

But there you are barking at me for asking questions when someone has directly contradicted your “theory”. What gives?

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But Ridley/Renly, earlier you were quite clear:

If you know exactly, then what’s to tell?

I haven’t contradicted him. Anyone can get as many friends as they want to help.

Closing thread at polite request of OP