Freighters with target breaker


Aren’t freighters mostly a highsec thing? Like, where a target breaker will summon Concord?

What is the basis for the discussion? For TB’s, against TB’s. TB’s used in High, low, null etc.??


ECM fleetmates could always accompany a freighter. I’m inclined to believe that if freighter resists were made uniform and relatively high then logi escorts would be considered more worthwhile as well since they could take advantage of the EHP repair multiplier offered by resists against omni damage. In the past there has also been debate as to whether damage controls should be permitted as well. Both of these changes would require a rebalance of base stats (HP, base resists, inertia, etc) to ensure that typical fits (which would almost certainly use at least T2 DCs or above) won’t be too OP but do give haulers the opportunity to increase defense to greater extents (costlier, too, since the best DCs cost more than the best hull plates) and improve and logi-worthiness.

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If somebody were flying with a fleet of webbers and logi to protect their freighter . . . why wouldn’t they just reduce the value of the cargo and make several trips? Or . . . wait at the gate until the gank fleet all went on their 15 minute criminal-coffee-break.

Make Freighters in LS/NS Great Again!

Also: one day someone is going to field a Palatine Upwell Keepstar, and they’re going to do it in Yulai (why tho), and this momentous occasion will be of significance for unknown and highly ambiguous reasons, and this proposal will become relevant then.


My guess is that CCP will have to build the Palatine Keepstar themselves.

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No, they would not. It is already possible to safe a freighter with 4-5 logis. The reason why no one does it is simply because it is not rewarding at all. Most of the time nothing happens* but everytime you are not ready everything goes down the drain. There is also no way at all to be able to pay escorts for their time and efforts every time you need them simply because margins won’t allow it. You would spent more than any available courier contract reward for paying the escort. Your industry sales margins would go mostly to the escorts instead of allowing you to recover cost and invest in more materials.

'* I spare you the "then why worry at all if nothing happens most of the time*: Simply because one lost CC or material load negates weeks or months of previous work. You cannot afford to not have your escort around.

You literally just said the status quo of escorting with logis is not rewarding, and yet you oppose uniform + increased resists for high EHP rep multipiers? :facepalm:

Freighters deserve to die.


Yes, and you would understand my statement better if you read it with more attention. Your increased EHP to improve repair power does not help at all to make it more rewarding. It remains a waste of time for the involved escort for most of the time and additional expenses for the haulers that they cannot recover. More EHP does not change a single aspect about this for the positive.

Increased resists increases the EHP repair multiplier from both self-reps (not applicable in THIS instance) and remote reps received.

Resists = 0% = 1x
50% = 2x
75% = 4x
87.5% = 8x

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the entire platform is centered around Griefing you. Good idea but you might as well be asking for a interdiction nullified hauler

Just another one of those things where EVE is flat out bizarre and has a huge learning curve demanding you memorize how things work in some made up 5th dimension.

Acquiring target lock is a highly aggressive action. Its certainly more worthy of a yellow flashy than stealing from a jet can. You could argue its well worthy of a red flashy its such a hostile act. Target lock typically takes seconds to acquire. But from there its instant damage with just a press of a button for guns.

Breaking said lock is a defensive action which can be abused for offense, in the case where you make it so you can hit them but they cannot hit you. Breaking the target lock of anyone targeting you should never result in any criminal status. That said, breaking the target lock of those targeting others can get those people killed IF they are in mutual combat. Mutual combat would be where two ships have targeted eachother at least, but more clear when they are targeted and dealing damage to each other.

But who has targeted Concord much less wasted one unit of ammo on them?

At most, an area of effect target breaker should result in a yellow flashy only IF you have broken the target lock of a Concord ship that is locked by a hostile ship or better yet, taking damage from that ship, which is pretty unlikely.

Of course, that is being idealistic. Actually doing that could cause a cascade effect on servers in large battles where Concord is present for some reason. I don’t know.

But in my mind, activating an area of effect target breaker, particularly when you are targeted and taking damage, is too much on the defensive side to warrant a summary execution from Concord. It should only happen in the very rare case you target broke a Concord ship that was being targeted itself, or better yet, actually taking damage from that ship.

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