Frequent Crashes on macOS Sonoma with M2 Max and M1 MacBooks

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering consistent crashes with Eve Online on macOS Sonoma when using a MacBook Pro M2 Max with 64GB RAM and a MacBook M1. The game crashes under default settings, especially during large fleet battles or simply by being in 1DQ. The only workaround is to optimize for memory, which severely degrades the graphics.

Can the dev team replicate this by joining any major fleet battle or spending time in 1DQ with default settings? Also, has any other Mac user pinpointed which specific settings might be causing these crashes?

Appreciate any insights or fixes.



same here. Happens mainly in systems where there is a lot going on. But I had it happen today in a relatively quiet system and lost a ship+pod because of it.
Going full potato-mode (optimized for either memory or performance) does seem to help.

System: MBP 14" M1 Pro

Same here on a M2 Pro Loglite ticket and the only CCP return is : wait for update.
New update 11/06 and same crash…

Following this topic because I’m seeing the same issues with an M1 Ultra