Lots of crashes since the update MacOS 10.14

Since the update, I’m getting C++ error crashes about every 2 hours or so. Does not seem to be tied to travel, combat, or interacting with NeoCom. I’m currently testing in a Windows VM to see if the same issues happen there, but it’s very repeatable on Mac. 2-3 hours, C++ error and crash to desktop.

Anyone else seeing this? Outside of downloading the game I have switched the launcher to 32 bit, and forced DirectX9. No other settings changes. This began when the latest update was downloaded (when I had to switch to 32-bit). Prior to that update, the game would occasionally crash with a C++ error, but not nearly as often. It’s gone from once every few play sessions to once every couple of hours.

This might be because the client is running out of memory. I’ve not been able to reproduce this on my side though.

The workaround would then be to lower your resolution. 1920*1080 is the highest resolution supported for EVE Online. The higher the resolution the more memory the client will consume.

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I think I got it. If I DISable Dx9 I can go the normal length of time before a crash. I suspect the Dx9 pipes have a memory leak - it’s fairly common with WINE ports. At any rate, the good news is that - ironically - increasing the graphics load removed the leak =)

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