From 20 bill to 60 bil isk character to buy with a positive wallet?

hey there what can20 bill to
60 bill isk get me for a character ?

Aprox multiply that for 0.6 -1 and you get the Price you can get, much here are LOW balls.

AS example you can get a 30m sp with the 20b but in some cases characters with 20mworth 20b. Carrier / rorqual / capital pilots go to price because the price of the books.

As example, i have a Feamle Jump freighter / trader at 34m points (cant put the skill board because the shitty one we have is failing to ligin currently now, but i similar at this (currently the same character but cant update … )

Currently she is 34m, then i value her in 21b

Then you can get aprox a good toon for the rate of 1m SP = 1b, or a decent one at 0.6 / 0.7 . You can realistic purcase a toon between 28 and 85m sp, but depends.

thanks for the help i wil check the characters out. if someone doesn’t bid them away from me lol

A 80m sp subcap pilot will do your work as an alt or new main

how much for a start?

60b isk.

how is the wallet ons yhis char. is iy good? and the atandings aswell.

if youre not in a hurry i can get the isk in maybe a week or two? what do you say, but i want to know if this character has good standings and also a positive wallet please

Maybe is better say how many isk you have. and if not say in the message, the character myst be positive wallet. Not good the current skillboard, you need be more specific.

basicly i want to know if this char, has a good high sec standing, and how is the kilboard, and is ther any kill rights on this char. and the isk is not a problem i just need to sell my plex to get the isk

Understand, mysel mute the thread. god luck

if you need a dread toon ,here is a good choose:

good standings no killright and positive wallet
here and there a few ships in assets

If you can give some isk upfront I can makea private threat for a sale

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oky sounds good this is my firts time buying a char so how can i send the isk to you, (just a note i am at work right now so 7 hours from now i can send you the isk of 60 bill for this char. thanks

make the private threat, i can give you the60 bill isk in about 7 to 8 hours from now, is that fine

sent the isk and account name to Tevo

thank you

thanks wil do it in 7 to 8 hours. have a great day

just another thing can i ask that you leave any aliances or corporations. and join an npc corp i would apreciate that, thanks

He is in npc corp but the link is not updated yet.

i will be online in two and a half hours, wil i get you online for the transaction?